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Red Alert 1

Toruń (['tɔruɲ] (help·info); Latin: Thorunium, German: Thorn (help·info), Kashubian: Torń) is a city in northern Poland, on the Vistula River.


The medieval old town of Toruń is a birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus. It was an important city throughout the country's history and the site of one of the most violent pacifications in Great World War II.

Storyline summary

When after the tests of the Sarin nerve gas a number of test subjects managed to escape and were taken in by Polish resistance fighters, Stalin was disappointed with Gradenko's inability to assure that there would be no witnesses and ordered the Marshall to eradicate the resistance fighters. Gradenko passed the order to commander S7, who, with the use of assigned Yak-9 planes and several companies of soldiers was able to purge the area of hostiles.


  • In earlier stages of Red Alert's development, Commander S7 was intended to attack the city of Briest, not Toruń.
  • In game cinematics, Toruń is portrayed as an upland village with mountains in the background. However, in reality, city of Toruń is situated in the lowland plains and there are no mountains in its vicinity.
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