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Totem Arts is a volunteer development team and the creators of Renegade X. The team was formed by Bilal Haj-Bakri ([NE]Fobby[Gen]) and Waqas Iqbal (Havoc89) in 2006 with the aim of remaking Command & Conquer: Renegade as a total conversion mod for Unreal Tournament 3.


Project ReGenesis

Project ReGenesis, formerly JeepRubiMod, is a mod for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that aims to turn Renegade into a real-time strategy game. The latest version 0.5 was released in 2008,[2] and the project intended to include all characters, vehicles, and buildings from Renegade.

Renegade X

Main article: Renegade X

Renegade X is a tactical first and third-person shooter video game with real time strategy elements. Original envisioned as a remake of Command & Conquer: Renegade in Unreal Engine 3, Renegade X has evolved into more of a spiritual successor that features modern shooter mechanics, improved balance, and updated gameplay.

Renegade X: Black Dawn

RenX Black Dawn Logo.png

Renegade X: Black Dawn is a single-player minicampaign released on January 28, 2012 to showcase the game as it was developed with the Unreal Development Kit. The campaign takes place shortly after the events of the original Renegade. On a recent trip to the Tiber river, Dr. Mobius and his daughter Sydney were once again kidnapped by the Black Hand. The two were taken to a Nod-fortified island in the Black Sea in an effort to revitalize Project ReGenesis. GDI discovers the base and mounts a rescue operation, codenamed "Operation: Black Dawn". The player takes control of Havoc, who spearheads the GDI assault, blasts through waves of Nod forces, and rescues the missing scientists. The campaign features an original character, Captain Angus McFarland, who is a heavy weapons expert hailing from Scotland and is close friends with Gunner and Havoc.[3]


Originally announced as Renegade X: Firestorm (as an expansion to Renegade X), Firestorm[4] is an upcoming video game that features weapons, vehicles, and maps from the Tiberian Sun era. Unlike the traditional C&C mode in the original Renegade and Renegade X, the gameplay of Firestorm is a based on the conquest game mode found in large-scale modern military shooters such as Battlefield. Players will be able to construct buildings and expand by conquering outposts scattered throughout the map.[5]



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