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The Toxin General Challenge is a Generals Challenge level that pits the player against toxin weaponry specialist Dr. Thrax.


Dr. Thrax's base is located in a contaminated chemical wasteland of lifeless lakes and poisoned villages. Worse, the player begins amongst leaky toxin bunkers and chemical demo traps that make initial movement hazardous. He tends to rebuild destroyed buildings promptly, making him a frustratingly resilient opponent.

Thrax' onslaughts are pretty straightforward. Very early into the game he'll send Quad Cannons, Toxin Tractors, SCUD launchers, Bomb trucks and Rocket Buggies, which will require an effective defense built in sufficient quantity. His toxin rebels, terrorists and RPG troopers are no slouch either and will harry the player relentlessly. Thrax also controls several artillery platforms surrounding the player's starting area that will have to be dealt with. Most of his forces arrive from the northern bridge; captured oil derricks will also be targeted. Jarmen Kell also sometimes harasses the player from the direction of the northern river, requiring the use of replacement infantry to re-crew disabled vehicles.

A lesser but steady trickle of units will roll towards the player from the Arms Dealer across the eastern bridge. The greatest danger from this direction is the bomb trucks, which can come in groups of three. The eastern Arms Dealer building is lightly defended and can either be destroyed early or, if possible, seized and turned to the player's own use.

The worse threat, however, lies with his Scud Storm and his devastating version of the Anthrax Bomb, a combination that can immediately end the game for the player. Destroying the Scud Storm should be the highest priority.

Most strategies involve setting up a proper early-game defense against Thrax' onslaughts and to eliminate his Scud Storm with another superweapon. The northern front is the most important and should be secured with the most powerful defenses available to the player, preferably automated ones, with the awareness that toxin weapons will make short work of infantry and light vehicles. The northwestern approach flank will usually not become active unless the player enters the area, for example to seize the oil derrick, in which case rocket buggy raids and other attacks will begin here. These attacks are less fierce than those on the main northern front, but do drain the player's resources.

Once the player's base is secure on all sides, the player can launch a ground attack on one of the three routes. The direct attack north and then east will meet the heaviest resistance. Frontal assaults against Thrax's main base here will prompt him to unleash a huge horde of RPG troopers. Alternatively, the eastern approach across the bridge followed by a swing north through the contaminated village is long, but will eventually allow the player to use a narrow backdoor route in the northeast corner that loops around the large mountain.

It may be best to slowly advance up the northwestern path, which is relatively unguarded beyond 1-2 Stinger Sites, Bomb Trucks, occasional infantry. The route is mined with demo traps, so stealth-detecting units are needed. At the northwest corner of the map are two derricks and a Black Market. This small pocket can usually be captured and defended fairly easily from any units that advance down the narrow eastern road that leads to the northwestern corner of Thrax's base, and eventually be used to launch offensives.


  • Bunkers can prove to be a cheap and effective defense when loaded with Tank Hunters, which can also be used to deal with Scuds earlier on. When combined with a Gatling Cannon to take out infantry and mobile units to take out his artillery, this setup proves to be near-impenetrable.
    • Massed Gatling Tanks can also be a viable answer to many enemy units (especially the Anthrax Bomber) once a proper defense has been set up. They're cheaper, take no power, deal more damage, and the range disadvantage is mostly negligible.
  • Black Lotus, while not able to infiltrate Thrax's base on her own without support units to clear hidden traps, can hide north of the river where she can help detect Jarmen Kell, who eventually appears here to snipe vehicles. Since Thrax's missiles are chemical-tipped and more lethal to infantry than usual, Lotus should avoid Stinger sites.
  • Cluster mines should be dropped on the choke point along the northern road and bridge as often as possible.
  • A Nuclear Missile combined with a Level 3 Artillery Barrage will destroy Thrax's Scud Storm. Build it as early as possible.
  • When the time comes to advance, Overlords with Gatling Cannons or Listening Outposts can help detect Demo Traps, and Nuke Cannons with Neutron Shells can empty his Toxin Networks in one hit, preventing the RPG Troopers inside from attacking the Overlords.
  • Inferno Cannons can be used to generate firestorms at certain choke points. Since most enemy units are soft targets, they won't even survive it. Otherwise, they can also be used to clear Toxin Networks and eliminate Stinger Sites.
  • A means of defeating the long-range SCUD Launchers that come from the north must be developed. Battle Bunker Helixes loaded with tank hunters are recommended. Other options are Inferno Cannons and Nuke Cannons, but these are slower and must approach dangerously close to the front line. Another option is MiGs, which can attack quickly; however, expect to lose a few to Quad Cannons.

Tsing Shi Tao (Nuclear)[]

With heavy armor and destructive long-range weapons, Tsing Shi Tao is well-equipped to face Thrax. The initial defense line should be armor-heavy. Nuclear-armed MiGs are excellent against dense formations of vehicles that will pour down from the northern bridge. His Nuke Cannon, cheaper and available by default, is equally devastating against vehicle concentrations. A steady buildup of missile silos will ensure that the nuclear general can vaporize Thrax's densely packed base from afar or, if desired, a ground attack supported by nuclear cannons.

Kwai (Armor)[]

Despite his lack of siege weapons, Kwai's reliance on heavy armor is a rather practical solution. A major concern will be Jarmen Kell sniping vehicle pilots from the north; hiding Black Lotus up here as a scout can assist in this regard. The self-healing clusters of Emperor Overlords can handle most of what Thrax sends against the base, with the exception of the long-range Scud Launchers and buggies, so the player should check in on his northern defenses periodically. With his efficient production of tanks, he can eventually overwhelm Thrax in a conventional frontal attack, albeit at great cost.

  • At least one battle bunker Helix filed with tank hunters should be prepared to dispatch the Scud Launchers and buggies that approach the northern bridge. Fortunately, the buggies sometimes approach the base too far for their own good, getting in range of the player's tanks.
  • In the event that the player chooses a direct ground attack at the front of Thrax's base, be prepared for a massive horde of RPG troopers to emerge and counterattack.
  • It is possible to capture the Command Center with Black Lotus and protect it long enough until a Worker could be escorted out of the area. This allows access to Dr. Thrax' entire arsenal. Most of it won't serve much purpose but Rocket Buggies and Radar Vans will assist greatly. Radar Vans can act as scouts, whereas Rocket Buggies rain fire from afar to keep the Emperors and Battlemasters safe. Rocket Buggies in particular can fill the role of artillery for Kwai, which he does not ordinarily have access to.
  • If seizing the small pocket in the northwest with the two oil rigs, as few as two mutually healing Gatling-armed Emperors can reliably defend the narrow road to the east that leads to the back of Thrax's base. Thrax does not make much of an attempt to retake this area, sending no more than the occasional Bomb Trucks and Toxin Rebels, both of which are easily defeated by Emperors.
    • This area also contains a Black Market. If the player has already seized the poorly defended Arms Dealer to the east of the starting area, the Rocket Buggies will benefit from the Black Market's buggy ammo upgrades as well.

Shin Fai (Infantry)[]

  • The lack of Overlords and Gattling Tanks can be a significant challenge, as infantry are rather vulnerable to toxins and most available vehicles don't work well in direct action. On the positive side, his Assault Helix makes a good substitute and one immune to toxin sprayers, though crewing it fully is expensive.
    • A creeping artillery strategy, with the infantry vehicles merely serving to guard these siege units and secure areas only after resistance is pulverized, is the safest ground strategy, though it does take time. It is advisable to spend a promotion point to acquire the nuke cannon if going this route.
    • If attempting a conventional assault, it may be advisable to capture the enemy Command Center to construct an Arms Dealer, which in turn will provide access to Quad Cannons and Scorpions to help protect artillery and troop carrier units. Otherwise, simply blast the entire base to oblivion with countless Nuclear Missiles.
  • The Assault Helix can range over contamination and avoid the lethal sprays from Toxin Rebels and Tractors, though Stinger Sites and Quad Cannon must be dealt with before they could be safely used outside of the starting area.
  • The Fortified Bunker can assist greatly in defense, retaining all capabilities of the original with a free minefield and extra capacity. If loaded with enough Mini-Gunners, Anthrax Bombers won't stand a chance.
  • The Superhacker, though stealthed when hacking, is still extremely vulnerable in the open due to the wide area of effect of the Anthrax bomber and the presence of ground contamination. Try to station them well away from buildings and units that will attract toxin attack and build an Internet Center when possible.
  • A single Bunker Helix or an Attack Outpost, fully loaded with tank hunters and one minigunner, can hold the northwest corner's supply buildings against the very limited attempts to retake it that trickle in from the eastern road. The area can also host superhackers who can work safely away from the Anthrax bomber. If timed right, this can provide the player with a secure source of income.


  • The Quad Cannon will be needed sooner or later to fight off the Anthrax Bomber. They also see decent matchups against Toxin Rebels, Toxin Tractors and SCUD Launchers but will require support or tactics to counter Rocket Buggies and enemy Quad Cannons.
  • Use Tunnel Networks to counter Toxin Rebel rushes. Unlike units, it is practically invulnerable to their toxin streams.
  • Level 3 Rebel Ambushes should only be used to finish off Thrax' SCUD Storm, as otherwise, they'll be destroyed quickly by everything else inside his base.
  • Do not rely on Stinger Sites. At least two Stinger Sites are necessary to hold off Bomb Trucks, and Toxin Tractors/Toxin Rebels will easily cripple them. They are also utterly useless against Anthrax Bombers, as it is simply too durable for them to take down.
  • Palaces are not an ideal defensive structure for this mission. They are expensive, take 45 seconds to construct and can be quickly whittled down by anything that isn't a Toxin Rebel/Toxin Tractor. They can only serve as a backup defense, protecting the Command Center and interior.
  • Purchase the Fortified Structure upgrade as soon as possible.
  • Relying on Cash Bounties is a valid strategy, but are not necessary if the Oil Derricks are properly defended.
  • Jarmen Kell's Sniper Attack ability can be used to clog the bridge with empty vehicles. Use him to kill vehicle drivers can clog the bridge with neutral vehicles, eventually stopping them from advancing. He also sees use in neutralizing all types of enemy infantry.
  • Seizing the northwestern corner and its oil rigs is more difficult because the route is rigged with traps and the GLA has only one stealth-detector and no aircraft.

Rodall Juhziz (Demolitions)[]

As usual, the high-explosive arsenal of General Juhziz serves him well. The focus should be on tanks and long-range weapons to destroy toxin units from a distance. The fact that Juhziz's superweapon can destroy Thrax's Scud Storm in one hit will be a great help, allowing resources to be allocated to base defense and eventually an offensive force.

  • Demo bikes and Scuds will be a good defense against the relentless onslaught from the northern bridge. Likewise, Rocket Buggies are useful defensively because of their ability to unleash swarms against the tightly packed vehicles coming over the bridge. Unfortunately, they are not good at hit-and-run raiding on this map, given the hazardous and confined nature of the terrain.
  • While RPG troopers are effective, they are vulnerable to chemicals and have to be held back a bit. As always, getting enough Quad Cannons to destroy the Anthrax Bomber is a must.
  • The hectic nature of this mission does not normally lend itself to demo trap emplacement, but if the player finds time to plant a few on the narrow northern approach, this can be a cheap way of blunting Thrax's attacks. An occasional trap can help on the eastern flank, as well, where the player will receive Bomb Truck attacks.

Prince Kassad[]

The Stealth General does not have much of an advantage on this map. Camouflaged units are not well-suited to the narrow routes that are often booby trapped. Additionally, he lacks the long-range punch provided from Scud Missiles, a severe handicap when dealing with the ground attacks. He lacks heavy tanks and his units are rather poorly armored. Thrax's base is relatively compact and are well-guarded against infiltration by saboteurs. Another notable problem is that while Kassad's stealthed defenses will successfully ambush the first vehicle in a wave, they immediately come under attack from subsequent vehicles, and exposed soldiers in Stinger Sites end up poisoned by toxin sprays. Setting up a proper anti-vehicle defense is difficult.

  • It is vital to recruit Jarmen Kell as quickly as possible and put him to work in the north, eliminating vehicles and slowing down the ground forces.
  • Kassad will require two Scud Storms to destroy Thrax's own, and additional Scuds to degrade his base enough for a ground attack.
  • As Thrax's base is tight and packed with defenses, Rebel Ambushes do not survive long enough to be effective and are not recommended. An exception is in the immediate aftermath of a Superweapon strike to finish off a damaged building, before Thax's defenses recover.
  • On the player's eastern flank, where attacks tend to be lighter, hijackers can help out by commandeering isolated vehicles. Some quad cannons tend to attack early on, and poaching a few can make a big difference in establishing the player's defense.
    • Hijackers may also prove to be more efficient than direct fire at stopping the truck bombs that appear from this direction.
  • Attempting to set up a camouflaged secondary base far from the battle front is difficult because of the narrow guarded routes, limited open space, and frequent demo traps.

United States[]

The ambulance and chemical suits will be useful for the USA player, but the first order of business, as always, is fortifying the northern front where the bulk of attacks will originate. Firebases, Humvees and Patriot equivalents will form the front line. Patriots are adequate against most vehicles, but Humvees are necessary for dealing with infantry before Pathfinders are available. An early Comanche will prove helpful in keeping toxin troopers under control. At least one ambulance is vital in order to clean up toxin attacks; it can also be used to run down toxin rebels that get through defenses, as the ambulance is immune to their chemical weapons. Humvees with Missile Defenders can deal with fast vehicles and Scuds.

One Particle Cannon combined with a level 3 A-10 Strike will be able to shut down his superweapon for good. When possible, a sentry drone or spy drone should be stationed around the bridge to deal with Jarmen Kell, who will snipe US vehicles. The spy satellite should be used often as possible to spy out toxin-loaded demo traps.

USA's air power has the advantage of being immune from contaminated ground, but it should still be used defensively first. A couple of raptors can help control advancing vehicles, though defense must be centered on ground structures. Comanches are very helpful for scrambling to strike Scud Launchers before they come within missile range; watch out for Quad Cannons, which frequently accompany them. Chinooks can come in handy to ferry troops to capture distant buildings.

  • It is important to build a particle cannon as soon as possible in order to head off the Doctor's devastating Scud Storm.
  • Colonel Burton is of limited use offensively, since the restricted terrain and contaminated landscape are too hazardous for him to move freely, and the enemy base is too well-guarded. However, Burton can prove valuable on the defense on the northern road across the river, ambushing vulnerable siege units as they flow down from Thrax's base. A toxin tunnel will have to be cleared beforehand.
    • Alternatively, if the northern front is otherwise under control, Burton can be stationed at the eastern or northwestern approaches, if the player is suffering from the light vehicles or infantry that sometimes like to harass the player from these directions.
    • Wherever he is used, he must stay well away from the center of the base, which will be the center of an Anthrax Bomber strike. Likewise, he must avoid attacking uncommitted toxin units, which can slime him rather easily.
  • A Hold the Line strategy is recommended after building the Strategy Center.
  • The oil derricks and black market in the far northwest map corner are fairly easy to seize and hold, using airpower and helicopters. Thrax does not typically expend great efforts to retake the location, typically sending no more than the occasional truck bomb and some infantry. One or two fully loaded/upgraded Humvees and a Pathfinder are usually enough to defend the area; the corner should be scanned for demo traps before landing troops.
  • Start building the supply drop pad early.

Malcolm Granger (Air Force)[]

Granger's aircraft advantage can be useful in creating a couple King Raptors to assist with early base defense and can deal more damage to the eventual Anthrax Bomber, but as with other generals his perimeter must still be centered around defense structures and ground units. Offensive Aurora strikes will have to wait until the player's base is reasonably secure unless it becomes necessary to sacrifice one to help eliminate the Scud. Until then, they are limited to picking off outlying toxin tunnel networks and stinger sites.

  • His cost advantage in building Comanches grants him a means of suppressing infantry and which is immune to ground contamination. They are also good for hammering Scud Launchers north of the river, provided the player takes care to avoid Quad Cannons. Once upgraded with Stealth the player can use Comanches to roam and raid across the map as long attention is paid to avoiding air defenses. Since Thrax does not make much use of camouflage, there is no danger from hidden quad cannons, except for ones that may pop out of toxin tunnels.
  • The Carpet bomber, available early, can slow down vehicle assaults by pulverizing Thrax's production buildings and, when it becomes necessary, help destroy the Scud Storm. Granger's extended-duration Spectre can also help destroy the Scud when used in conjunction with a particle cannon. A pair of PDL-equipped Auroras can pick off most defensive structures one at a time.
  • Once they are finished collecting supplies, Granger's PDL-equipped standard Chinooks can be employed either to insert a raiding force against Thrax's distant outlying bases, or else as a supplement to the Comanches when taking down missile sites. Simply park Chinooks over the stinger site where its PDL will suppress the anti-air missiles while the Comanches destroy the buildings.

General Townes (Laser)[]

The versatility of the Laser Turret is a major advantage in this mission, as they are effective against vehicles, infantry, mobile Scud Missiles and even the anthrax bomber. On the downside, they do lack range; some Raptors can assist in this regard. This is exacerbated by his lack of Tomahawks, so Townes may have to occasionally slug it out with Thrax's offensive forces at close range; fortunately, the Laser Crusader is a very effective tank. His cost advantage in Avengers will help greatly both in defending against the Anthrax Bomber and rocket buggy swarms. With the base reasonably simple to secure, Townes can focus on destroying the Scud Storm with a particle cannon and A-10 strike combination.

  • It is possible to build an adequate defense almost exclusively with the laser turrets. With close spacing they get a range boost, allowing them to hit the Scud Launchers that come over the bridge. Thus, it is possible to complete this challenge using only a defensive superweapon strategy.
  • Burton can help compensate for the lack of Tomahawks in eliminating the siege units, but he is not necessary.
  • A ground offensive is feasible, though potentially costly. The ideal setup is several laser crusaders in front backed up by Avengers to deal with rocket attacks, accompanied by at least one Pathfinder and an Ambulance.
    • It is advisable to acquire the Emergency Repair general's power if launching a ground attack attack.
    • Since Townes lacks Tomahawks, a pair of Auroras can be used in lieu of artillery, albeit with significant down time.

Alexis Alexander (Superweapon)[]

Alexander's EMP Patriots will do a good job of stopping the incessant tide of vehicles rolling down from the northern bridge, but they will need to be supplemented with anti-personnel units. Avengers will be necessary to destroy the Anthrax Bomber and to help against mobile Scud Launcher attacks and the rocket buggy barrages. Once her base is sufficiently defended, Thrax will be easy pickings for her arsenal of efficiently produced particle cannons.

  • With her cost advantage in recruiting him, Alexander should deploy Colonel Burton early on, sending him him north of the bridge to hit siege units on the move. Hold him back from toxin spraying units, which can slime him, and use him against Scuds and Buggies.
  • Just a single Alpha Aurora can be devastating against both massed vehicles and isolated base defenses. Used carefully, repeated hits can accelerate the destruction of Thrax's base and disrupt his ground attacks.
  • The long range of the Tomahawk Launcher can help as a counter-siege unit against mobile Scud Launchers without risking the more fragile Comanches or Raptors.
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