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Toxin Network is Dr. Thrax's version of the Tunnel Network. Instead of using a machine gun, the Toxin Networks were protected by a toxin-spraying turret, providing very effective protection against infantry.


The GLA general known only as "Dr. Thrax", specializing in chemical and biological warfare, modified the standard tunnel network by replacing the machine gun mounted on top of the entrance with a sprayer that spews a stream of toxic sludge. The chemical was stored in two tanks installed on the entrance's rear. Otherwise, it functioned identically to the normal tunnel network.

Game Structure[]


The Toxin Network shares the traits of the standard Tunnel Network: it allowed for the rapid movement of units from one entrance to another, repaired units within the network, could detect stealth and deployed two RPG Troopers upon construction.

The Toxin Network's chemical spray gun is capable of easily eliminating infantry and lighter vehicles, such as most APCs. When upgraded with Anthrax Gamma, the toxin spray can eventually melt down even armored vehicles.

As with all GLA structures, if it was destroyed a GLA hole would remain, from which a worker would eventually emerge and rebuild the structure at no additional cost to the GLA General. However, no RPG Troopers would emerge after it was rebuilt.


Like the original Tunnel Network, the Toxin Network has no defense against aircraft, a major weakness against American and Chinese opponents. The RPG troopers deployed after the Network's initial construction afforded some light protection against these kinds of attacks, and it was possible that the network held AA units who could be readily deployed against the attacking forces (note that the Bunker Buster missiles can damage units within the network, however).

Though the nature of the network entrance's toxic weapon meant it was more effective at melting down infantry and light or medium vehicles, this also meant it was completely unable to deal damage to certain units. The USA Ambulance/Sentry Drone and the GLA Toxin Tractor are prime examples, as the Toxin Network cannot damage or target them.

If all else failed, the Toxin Network could be hammered with ballistics from artillery units or overwhelmed with armor, and would crumble under the onslaught like any other structure.


Anthrax Gamma Anthrax Gamma Increased the attack damage of Toxin Network by 25%. Purchasable at Dr. Thrax's Palace for a cost of $2500.


  • General Mohmar "Deathstrike" was rumored to have access to the Toxin Network, which could also be upgraded with Camo-Netting, but this was not implemented in the final release as Deathstrike is not playable in skirmish nor General's Challenge.
  • Toxin Network's icon depicts it firing a green toxin stream, despite it benefitting from Anthrax Beta (blue stream) by default.

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