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Toxin soldiers are some of the most elite Nod soldiers who were experts in infiltration, sabotage and coercion and appeared during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis.


As one of Nod's most important strategic assets, Toxin Soldiers were only deployed for selected missions. Their main weapon is a chemical machine gun that would instantly kill multiple human targets by literally setting them on fire. These rounds seems to be highly corrosive, as they can effectively damage armored vehicles and structures as well. Their attack has an area of effect and may cause severe collateral damage. The range of their chemical gun is not great, even shorter compared with M16 Mk. IIs used by basic infantries of both sides.

Their true strategic value lies in their abduction skills. When loaded with special-made psychotropic rounds, they can render victim of their choosing open to suggestion. However, such chemicals are unstable, and may cause acute blood poisoning in victims, often resulting in death.


After the Firestorm Crisis, Toxin Soldiers were phased out. However, mind-altering toxins were still used in the form of hallucinogenic grenades used by Nod Confessors introduced in the Second Nod Reunification War.


Toxin Soldiers made their debut in Capture Jake McNeil, a mission in Nod alternative campaign of Tiberian Sun.

Later in Firestorm, they were used to lure civilians into the Genesis pit, which triggered a rampage of Tiberian wildlife against GDI bases in the region.

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