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Toxin soldiers are special Nod soldiers in Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. They cannot be trained, and only appear in certain campaign missions.


Toxin soldiers are equipped with specialized sniper rifles that can fire various kinds of chemicals, including tranquilizer for subduing VIP, a chemical that makes targets burst into flames.[1] and a drug that somehow brainwashes the victim.[2]

Game unit[]

Toxin soldiers only appear in the Tiberian Sun mission Capture Jake McNeil and the Firestorm mission Seeds of Destruction.

In the former, they are used to kill the GDI Light infantry guarding the GDI base and subdue Jake McNeil. While their weapons instantly kill other infantry, they will automatically switch to a tranquilizer against Jake McNeil, causing him to fall into a barely conscious state and placing him under player control. This allows him to be evacuated via Subterranean APC and complete the mission.

In the latter, they are used to brainwash civilians into luring Tiberian creatures to the nearby GDI base in order to destroy it. In this stage, the toxin soldiers' weapons have almost no effect on GDI infantry and therefore must avoid them at all costs. The mission will fail if all toxin soldiers are killed.


When selected[]

  • I'm ready.
  • Yes?
  • I'm all ears.

When moving[]

  • Of course.
  • I think I can be persuaded.
  • On it!

When ordered to attack[]

  • Knockout!




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