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Destroy Hassan's Temple
Game Tiberian Sun
Mission Destroy Hassan's Temple
Game order
Previous Retaliation
Side mission Free Rebel Commander
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This page includes a transcript of Destroy Hassan's Temple, the third main Nod mission of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.[1]


Nod News Network takeover

Maychek: Reliable sources onboard the orbiting Philadelphia have confirmed that GDI scientists working on biological weapons intended for innocent civilians released a deadly virus into-

Oxanna arrives on set. Maychek is visibly anxious.

Maychek: Well this is a surprise...

Oxanna: Please, continue.

Maychek: Head of GDI forces, General Solomon, is said to have become mentally unstable-

Maychek is shot from the behind.

Oxanna: In other news, General Hassan's weak and impotent rule was overthrown today, when forces within the Brotherhood rose up to unite Nod under a new leader: Anton Slavik, rescued from death by the spirit hand of Kane, has been vindicated of all crimes against the state. He steps forward now to lead us. Follow him as he would follow Kane.

Montauk briefing

Slavik: It's time to finish Hassan.

CABAL: Cairo; Build and protect your base, then take the would-be pharaoh.

Mission selection

CABAL: The infidel Hassan has been tracked to this region of Cairo. Build a base and remove the usurper.


The Infidel, Hassan, has been tracked to this region of Cairo. Build a base and eliminate this would-be pharaoh, the pretender to Kane's throne.

  • Objective One: Cross the bridge and destroy the enemies on the far side.
  • Objective Two: Deploy your MCV and begin building a base.
  • Objective Three: Locate and destroy Hassan's Temple.

See also

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