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This page includes a transcript of Kane's Tower, the briefing cinematic to the mission of the same name in the Nod campaign of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.[1]


[Command Center]
[Ayers Rock, Australia]
[Yellow Zone Y-4]

Kane's advisor hands over two reports to him.

Advisor: Intel has sent down the latest planetary impact studies and these are the computer scans of the targets.

Kane glances over the reports, before handing it off and noticing the Commander.

Kane: As always my son, a job well done. We have secured the key codes, now we must secure a Tower. As you can see, GDI would not relent, they have already destroyed most of the Towers under completion. You must ensure that at least one Tower reaches completion or my entire plan is in jeopardy.

Advisor: Based on diagrams found in the Tacitus, we believe upon completion the Tower will become impervious to attack. There are only four Towers still in play. This Tower, in the Mediterranean Red Zone, appears nearest completion.

Kane: Protect that Tower at all costs, my son. The future of Nod depends upon it.


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