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Some Imperial VX units have the ability to transform. This means the selected unit will change its function, or change its unit type altogether. This makes the military of the Empire of the Rising Sun a truly versatile and dangerous foe to any challenger.

Note that a unit's transformation is instantaneous. However, the unit must wait at least a few seconds before attempting to transform back into its previous mode.

Transformation is usual for Mecha Tengu, Chopper VX, Giga Fortress and the Sea Wing. Imperial commanders are advised to be familiar with their special abilities:

  • The Mecha Tengu Transforms from the Anti Infantry Robot into the Jet Tengu to take on enemy jets.
  • The Striker VX transforms from an anti air platform into a Helicopter that fires rockets.
  • The Sea Wing transforms from an AA Sub into a flying Anti Infantry Aircraft.
  • The Newest Giga Fortress transforms from a floating fortress into a heavy Anti Surface unit equal to the Century Bomber and the Kirov with its Gods Breath weapon.



The Transformation of units are similar to those of the Transformers because they can change from one unit into another.

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