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Transylvania is a region in Romania. In the old timeline, a castle is held in this region where Yuri made his last stand. In the new timeline, Dasha and her Soviet Commander rescued some scientists from FutureTech to the Soviets' disbelief that it was to be the Allies.


Third World War (second iteration)[]

RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Yuri's Revenge and might contradict canon.
Yuri commands his forces from his ancestral home in Transylvania! He is like monster from movies, yes?
- Alexander Romanov(src)
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Yuri was discovered to be hiding inside of an ancestral castle. Premier Romanov and Soviet intelligence quickly sent the Soviet commander to Transylvania. The Allied Forces and Soviets there had been mind-controlled by Psychic Beacons and, after establishing a few bits of technology plus the base, the three factions of Yuri's were destroyed in a horrific battle of the arsenals competition. After eliminating the psychic beacons, an Allied-Soviet joint attack put an end to Yuri's plans for world domination.

The Uprising[]

CNCRA3U logo Until a future game comes out and says otherwise, all Red Alert 3 - Uprising missions are treated as canon.
Main article: Raid on Lost Castle

When scientists who developed weapons for the Soviet Underground suspiciously went missing, resistance leader Dasha Fedorovich tracked their location to a suspicious research facility guarded by Allied forces in Transylvania. The resistance launched a raid on the base, only to discover that the base was run by the FutureTech Corporation, who kidnapped the scientists and forced them to develop a new weapon for the Allies. At least one of the three scientists was successfully rescued from the facility


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