This is Tratos. He's a mutant, and an enemy of Nod. He's the only sentient, other than myself, that can translate the Tacitus. Kill him. He's a threat to the Brotherhood and to the memory of Kane.
- CABAL's briefing

Tratos' Final Act was the third mission in Nod's Firestorm campaign.

CABAL Briefing

While GDI forces have been diverted to defend civilians, you are to lead an elite strike force to assassinate the mutant leader Tratos. Our new limpet mines will help you locate Tratos within his fortified base. Once located you must devise a way to reach him. GDI will have considerable protection for Tratos as he is their last hope at countering the Tiberium onslaught. Destroying their power supply should neutralize the firestorm defense system, and an effective air strike should deal with the sensor arrays.

Do not fail: this mission is integral to the future of the Brotherhood of Nod.


  • First Objective: Attach limpet mines to GDI units to penetrate the base and locate Tratos.
  • Second Objective: Deactivate the firestorm defense system and neutralize the sensor arrays.
  • Third Objective: Assassinate Tratos.


CABAL, being activated again, supports that Kane had a plan for the Second Tiberium War, fooling the Nod Commander that way to do as CABAL wants. The Nod AI told that part of the plan was the assassination of Tratos, who has became a threat to Nod after offering his services of decoding the Tacitus for GDI.

The Assassination

The Commander first had to see where Tratos was located. For that cause he used a Limpet Drone to stick on a truck carrying supplies to the base. Unfortunately, a Ghost Stalker was searching the trucks, so the commander used his forces to wipe him out. GDI never realised he was killed, so the Limpet entered the base very easily. After that, he used his Subterranean APCs to sneak his forces to an outpost at the entrance of the base, capturing a Barracks and a Power Plant. He then had to take down some Power Plants to deactivate the Firestorm Wall protecting Tratos's compound. After that was accomplished, he sneaked his forces into the compound and killed Tratos before he could escape.


Tratos' assassination brought horrible news to the Forgotten, who saw him as the only person to bridge the gap between mutants and humans. While GDI became distracted to keep the peace between the mutants and humans, CABAL openly admitted to the Inner Circle that it ordered Tratos' death.



Destroying the two SAM sites along the concrete wall on the south side of the GDI base will allow some Banshees to fly onto the screen and destroy the mobile sensor arrays.

Tiberian Sun Missions
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