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This is Tratos. He's a mutant, and an enemy of Nod. He's the only sentient, other than myself, that can translate the Tacitus. Kill him. He's a threat to the Brotherhood and to the memory of Kane.
- CABAL's briefing

Tratos' Final Act is the third mission in the Nod campaign of Firestorm.[1]


While GDI forces have been diverted to defend civilians, you are to lead an elite strike force to assassinate the mutant leader Tratos. Our new limpet mines will help you locate Tratos within his fortified base. Once located you must devise a way to reach him. GDI will have considerable protection for Tratos as he is their last hope at countering the Tiberium onslaught. Destroying their power supply should neutralize the firestorm defense system, and an effective air strike should deal with the sensor arrays.

Do not fail: this mission is integral to the future of the Brotherhood of Nod.


  • First Objective: Attach limpet mines to GDI units to penetrate the base and locate Tratos.
  • Second Objective: Deactivate the firestorm defense system and neutralize the sensor arrays.
  • Third Objective: Assassinate Tratos.


Forward base[]

FS Limpet route

You start with three Subterranean APCs loaded with cyborgs, Rocket infantry, and three engineers, as well as six Limpet drones. CABAL will occasionally send you reinforcements, which consist of one Subterranean APC, one Engineer, two Cyborgs, and two Rocket Soldiers.

A mutant commando guards the entrance into the GDI forward base. He destroys any cargo truck with a Limpet drone attached to it. Taking on the mutant commando is extremely difficult. You can, however, circumvent him. Move a Limpet drone around him and deploy it on the road behind the front gate. Once the Limpet drone has attached itself to one of the trucks, it will drive into the base and reveal much of it.

GDI has 8 Hover MLRS units guarding the two bodies of water. Over the course of this mission, you need to lure them with Limpet Mines and kill them with Cyborgs. Use the Tiberium patches to the southwest and east to heal your Cyborgs. (You cannot train GDI medics in this mission.)

Transfer your units into the GDI forward base. If you wish to capture the GDI Barracks, you must destroy the nearby Component Tower without attracting the attention of the mutant commando. The Barracks allows you to train Engineers and Disc Throwers, but not Medics.

Vehicle production[]

Use your Subterranean APCs, Rocket Soldiers, Cyborgs and three Engineers to capture the War Factory and two Silos on an island to the north. Rocket Soldiers can destroy walls. Be sure to capture the silos only when they are full. Train at least two GDI Titans. They can destroy lightly armed Component Towers from afar. Advance on the main GDI complex and take out the six Component Towers guarding the west wall. Pierce holes into the walls so that your Engineers can capture the Refineries. Be sure to capture them when GDI Harvesters are unloading their cargo.

Main complex[]

Continue into the GDI complex and either raze it or take it over. The Construction Yard can only build basic structures. While you are in the GDI base, avoid entering the range of sensor towers.

Your next objective is to capture at least six of the eight GDI power plants that power the Firestorm Defense Generator. GDI has built them in groups of two. A dangerous RPG Tower guards the power plants to the south of the base. Avoid it and instead capture the two on the island to the south.

Finally, you need to destroy the sensor towers guarding the entrance into Tratos' lab. To do so, you need to use GDI disc throwers from an elevated position. Alternatively, destroy GDI SAM Towers. This allows CABAL to send Banshees to destroy the sensors.

Advance on Tratos' lab with either Cyborgs or armored units that can kill a mutant sniper.


  • A graphical glitch can sometimes make the Tiberium monolith near Tratos appear orange instead of blue. Some sources erroneously claimed this to be a new strain of Tiberium.





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