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I'm injured, I need to find a Trauma Station.
- Yuriko, taking heavy fire

The Trauma Station is an interesting invention of the Empire of the Rising Sun. It is a small metallic structure set on a tripod containing three stasis tanks, each of which contains a Yuriko Omega clone, covered with a plate with a green cross on it. Its base is connected to a metal plate with similar crosses on it, marking out the distance infantry need to be from it to be healed. It basically, through a system that has yet to be discovered, though most probablly using the psionic powers of the three young women inside, was able to heal the infantry around it - including Yuriko Omega, if her damage levels happen to be high. If the infantry near the Shiro Healer was under fire the healing process was almost useless, but when the infantry were not, the healing process was done in a matter of seconds. It generated around it a green "shield", to indicate that infantry could only be healed when inside the shield.

This invention was, however, never used during battlefields, but was instead used inside the Shiro Sanitarium, along with some other inventions.

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