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Ah, the enigma that is the Traveler sect, a mystery even to their compatriots, a mystery even to me!
- Kane(src)

Traveler-59 is a sub faction of the Scrin, with a focus on speed and mind control. It is the 59th and newest sect of the Traveler, a Scrin caste that can be analogous to an intelligence agency. Sect 59 lacks any battle experience, but has the newest mind control technology. Among this technology is the creation of Cultists, using the Prodigy's offspring and a human host to create a subservient mind controlling force.

Traveler-59 was attached to a Scrin harvesting fleet on the far side of Pluto, searching for their first host planet with long-range scanning technology, which eventually led them to Earth.


At least one division of Traveler-59 forces were sent along by the Scrin during their Invasion of Earth. This division operated in one of Nod territories in Africa. The Traveler set themselves up in a Yellow Zone Nod town, and mind-controlled Black Hand troops. Nod forces commanded by LEGION liberated the town in Operation Hearts and Minds. Traveler attempted to dislodge Nod using extreme measures - namely an Eradicator Hexapod - but were defeated.

Combat doctrine

Traveler-59 sacrifices brute force in favour of a more finessed combat methodology, leaning heavily on their teleportation and mind-control abilities.

Because of these doctrines, the Traveler Sect focuses on infantry and has a significantly faster but weaker air force. However, the subfaction's focus on these tactics means it does not build Devourer Tanks. Because their bulk would hinder their speed, Traveler-59 also does not use force field generators, which leaves their air force vulnerable to being destroyed by EMP control centers.


Unarmed, these units are capable of mind-controlling most ground units.
An upgraded and heavily Tiberium-mutated Mastermind equipped with Blink Packs. It is capable of seizing control an entire regiment.

Support powers

Reduces the production speed of all buildings and speed and rate of fire of all units within the targeted area.


Increases the speed of all infantry units except Buzzers and the Prodigy.
Increases the speed of Devastator Warships and Planetary Assault Carriers.

Deployment history

The first combat that Traveler-59 participated in was during the Scrin invasion of Earth. The sect was deployed to subvert civilian populations in the African Yellow Zone. While initially successful at capturing civilians and vastly outnumbering Black Hand combatants, Traveler-59 was defeated when the Nod AI LEGION was sent to drive it out of the Yellow Zone. Its Eradicator Hexapod was destroyed by the Nod Redeemer.

Intel sources

Scrin Intel.

Scrin Subfaction Dossier

Special units new intel


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