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Existor APA Logo Gold.png The following is based on the cancelled Command & Conquer (2013) game and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
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The Trident is a long range artillery unit deployed by General Salvo of the European Union that specializes in doing large amounts of damage to heavily armored units. Lighter and more nimble than standard artillery, the Trident can use its mobility to its advantage as it can reposition itself to launch artillery much faster than its GLA or APA counterparts.


Sending Tridents to key chokepoints on the map allows them to effectively shut down enemy advances as they can rain rockets down on advancing forces. The Trident’s mobility also allow it to keep pace with a faster army, enabling a fast attack force the ability to make surgical strikes with long range fire support without having to babysit.

The Trident also uses its ability, Danger Close, to wreak havoc on enemy forces. Danger Close enables the Trident to fire a salvo of rockets into the fog of war, removing the need for a spotter. This can be used to scare off enemy forces up cliffs that cannot be seen or to safely harass expansions up cliffs without having to send in a spotter.

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