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Operation: Trojan Horse is the penultimate mission in the GLA campaign of Command & Conquer: Generals.


As GLA victories against the US and China increased, so did their power. By the time the GLA recovered their toxins from the Americans at the Aral Sea, it was too powerful for either the Chinese or the Americans to defeat militarily on their own. In the background, Chinese agents had persuaded an ambitious and power-hungry GLA warlord unknown to the Commander in betraying the GLA cause and wipe out all of his loyalists. However, GLA spies learned of this betrayal and located their traitorous base near Lenger in Kazakhstan.

Key Units/Buildings

Internal Power Struggles

Chinese forces have entered the area. They must be searching for their convoy, prepare for battle!
- Kanwar Khan


To help the splinter faction in destroying the GLA from within, the Chinese had given them Nuke convoy trucks to use against the GLA. Unfortunately for the Chinese, the convoys were ambushed by GLA loyalists in a hilly pass, who successfully eliminated the escort force and captured the Chinese trucks. The GLA Commander was then instructed to guide the trucks into the traitor's base and to annihilate them. A base was already partially constructed for the Commander to use to mop up the traitors.

Guiding the Convoy Trucks

While the GLA prepared to build up their defenses and forces, the convoy trucks were guided using the roads to the traitors, encountering numerous patrols. The splinter cell, who didn't know that their convoy trucks were hijacked by GLA loyalists, allowed the trucks to drive onto the base. At one point, the convoy trucks got lost and discovered four oil derricks, which GLA loyalist rebels quickly moved to capture and guard. Nonetheless, the trucks eventually found the rogue GLA base. The Commander had them positioned near the buildings for maximum effect. While the convoys were on standby, ready to detonate the warheads, a loyal Jarmen Kell scouted the area surrounding the base, sniping off as many lone rogue patrols as possible without being detected.


After a short while, the traitors discovered GLA intruders in the area and attacked ferociously. While the two sides engaged each other, the GLA Commander authorized nuclear detonation as a signal to strike. The convoy trucks detonated with a maniacal laugh and covered the traitor's base in nuclear fallout. Unfortunately, it did not completely destroy the traitors, as at least one key building had survived the detonation. Fortunately, the splinter faction's assault had failed and GLA loyalists prepared to counterattack.

Wipeout Time

As the GLA took out the rogue Tunnel networks and more rogue troops, Chinese troops entered the region to determine where the convoy trucks had gotten to. The ambush force took care of them with the assistance of the Scud Launcher, while the GLA loyalists infiltrated the damaged splinter base and destroyed what remained of the rogue forces. With the power struggle successfully stopped, the GLA was reunified.


China's attempt to splinter the GLA from within had failed and the reunification of the GLA now allowed the organisation to concentrate on their final test: the capture of the Baikonur Cosmodrome. However, the battle near Lenger would be a warning: a GLA power struggle could be seen as foreshadowing of more internal fighting in the future.


Initially, build further defenses on the hillside where the Chinese will stage their attack (12 minutes in Normal, reduced time for other difficulties), then build defenses on the area where the traitors patrol. Watch out for their attacks. Then guide the Convoy Trucks in separate entries, but be careful not to put any of your units around it or the defectors will attack the truck and your forces. Put the trucks in where they are vulnerable.

Capture 4 Oil Derricks on the northwest side of the map to secure funds for your war efforts.

Once you are ready, detonate the Convoy Trucks and let the mayhem begin. Some time after the nuclear explosion (or when the player make itself discovered by their forces) the traitor will attack your forces, but your strike force should be able to handle this. Take note that three Chinese waves will attack you from the southwest hill pass; you may lay demo traps to destroy them before they can move your forces to the attacking position.


  • This mission is similar to the USA mission Desperate Union because, in both missions, the player has to defeat a rogue commander. Both missions are also the sixth mission in their respective campaign.
  • The key units in this mission are all suicide units.
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