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Troop crawler
Generals Troop Crawler



Infantry transport





Hit points


Armour type

Tank Armor

Transport slots

8 infantry

  • $1400
  • $1200 (General Kwai)
Build time


Produced by

China War Factory




40 (30 when badly damaged)

Sight range



Passive stealth detection

Gen1 Troop Crawler Icons
China's armored transport.
- Troop Crawler

Troop Crawlers are Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), patterned after the BTR-80, that China uses to rapidly deploy squads of infantry where they are needed. Troop Crawlers emerge from the War Factory with eight Red Guard already loaded inside. Troop Crawlers are also able to detect stealth units.

Game unit

Watch your step!
- Troop Crawler driver, noting the passengers to be careful while leaving

The Troop Crawler is a fairly fast but unarmed APC that is not designed to come into contact with heavy armor. Its ability to detect stealth units makes it useful to have within Chinese bases, to detect enemy infiltration.

Troop Crawlers are designed so that if destroyed the infantry being transported would survive, but with damaged health. It can also quickly heal infantry when they are sent into the Troop Crawler, somewhat like an ambulance.

Troop Crawlers are an essential complement of any Chinese armored column, as their stealth detection capabilities allow them to detect any unwanted surprises - this was especially the case when engaging GLA forces.

Key weaknesses of the Troop Crawler are its relatively light armor and lack of defensive weapons. Another weakness was that the infantry has to dismount to engage opposing forces, exposing them to enemy fire. Interestingly, it is also a target for the Chinook's Combat Drop, as it can wipe out all soldiers inside.

It's also economically decent due to the fact that it costs 1400, as 8 Red Guards cost 1200, technically getting you a decent support and infantry transport vehicle for only 200.


Let's try the assault tactic.
- A Troop Crawler moving in to attack


  • Technically the cheapest transport vehicle 
  • If the vehicle was destroyed, the passengers inside will not die, they automatically rush out to leave the vehicle carcass leaving them with half health points, but atleast they survived from their destroyed transporter
  • It can detect stealth units


  • Unarmed Vehicle
  • Defenseless against enemies
  • Slowest transporter 
  • Penetrable armor

Selected Quotes

Let's get these men to the battle.
- When emerging from the War Factory
Troop Crawler signing in.
- When selected
They can't hide from me.
- When selected
Next stop - the front lines.
- When selected
China's armored transport.
- When selected
We have plenty of seats.
- When selected
That's an easy one.
- When moving
Anywhere else?
- When moving
What's next?
- When moving
Everyone OK back there?
- When moving
Fasten your seat-belts.
- When moving
Looks like a good place to stop.
- When ordered to unleash troops on enemy
They could use some company.
- When ordered to unleash troops on enemy
You want to unload there?
- When ordered to unleash troops on enemy
Let's pay them a visit.
- When ordered to unleash troops on enemy
They're in our path!
- When ordered to unleash troops on enemy
They shouldn't be standing there.
- When ordered to run over
This may be bumpy.
- When ordered to run over
Watch this!
- When ordered to run over
Let's try the assault tactic.
- When ordered to attack move(?)
We'll unload at the prize land.
- When ordered to attack move(?)
Don't forget your belongings!
- When unloading
Use the hand rails on your way out.
- When unloading
Watch your step!
- When unloading


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