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Soon, you will know the glory of my nuclear arsenal.
- Tsing Shi Tao, the Chinese Nuclear Technology General

General Tsing Shi Tao is a Chinese Class AAA General serving in the People's Liberation Army during the GLA Conflict.


The 50 year old[1] General Tsing gets what he wants, at any cost. Impatient to a fault, General Tsing relies heavily on nuclear technology on the battlefield. Unfortunately, there have been several terrible accidents. While General Tsing was the responsible officer during the Mudanjiang Disaster of 2007, his considerable talents saved his career. General Tsing believes such trials and errors are part of the development process.[2]

His divisions are beginning to see the results of his convictions, as a prototype of an advanced nuclear power plant has produced better results. Programs to develop tactical nukes and to promote stability in radioactive isotopes are producing better safety records, which will be well-received by his troops.[2]

General Tsing Shi Tao is stationed at Base Ox, Chengdu, and his Combat Number is 0000-000000-1.[2]



Tsing Shi Tao is, arguably, the most well-balanced general in the game. He has a diverse and technically advanced arsenal, albeit one that is more expensive than those of his fellow Chinese generals. Several of his units incorporate nuclear-themed enhancements, and he has greater access to China's signature superweapon, allowing him flexibility when composing a strategy. His only real weakness is the higher cost of some units. Provided he keeps his supply system working, he can give a good account of himself in battle against any opponent.



General's Powers[]

General's Challenge[]


Time to put on your lead underwear!
At least it's a dry heat, General. *chuckles*
Ah! What? I am out of power? How can I be out of power? Someone get me more power, NOW!
- Tao when his base runs out of power
All forces, prepare for the next assault!
And now for my final attack. Hold on General, you're going to like this. Oh wait, no you won't! *laughs*
Is the heat getting to you, General?
Why are you destroying my barracks, general? It is not my men you should fear...
- Tao when the player destroys his barracks.
AH! My War Factory! What have you done?! My precious tanks, gone!
- Tao when the player destroys his War Factory
Oh, leave me alone! What have I ever done to you?!
- Tao when the player destroys his Propaganda Center.
Ah! My Command Center! No! I won't lose command, I won't!
- Tao when the player destroys his Command Center.
Oh... You are lucky to have survived this battle intact. Challenge me again, if you dare.
- Tao when the player is defeated.
Oh, look! I have a Nuke all ready for you!
- Tao when his first Nuclear Missile Silo is activated
Woah, two Nukes! Oh, I am pleased!
- Tao when his second Nuclear Missile Silo is activated
Three Nukes? Oh that is three times the fun!
- Tao when his third Nuclear Missile Silo is activated.
Four Nukes! Incredible!
- Tao when his fourth Nuclear Missile Silo is activated
Five Nukes! Maybe you want me to send you a clean pair of shorts now, huh? *chuckles*
- Tao when his fifth and last Nuclear Missile Silo is activated.
That ambulance will not save your men from the radiation.
- Tao when the USA player builds an Ambulance.
How many nukes, you think, will it take to destroy that new weapon, General?
- Tao when the player builds a Particle Cannon, a Nuclear Missile, or a Scud Storm
Cold Fusion is no way to make power, General.
- Tao when the USA player builds a Cold Fusion Reactor.
A Strategy Center? What "strategy" could you possibly devise to fight me?
- Tao when the USA player builds a Strategy Center
Your propaganda will not turn anyone against my Nuclear power, general!
- Tao when the China player builds a Propaganda Center.
The Black Market won't sell you anything powerful enough to stop me, general!
- Tao when the GLA player builds a Black Market
Your defenses crack like so many eggshell, general...
- Tao when he destroys the player's base defense.
It appears you have only trained your men to die, general...
- Tao when the player's barracks is destroyed.
Now your War Factory is a glow crater!
- Tao when the player's War Factory is destroyed.
Ay huh?!... You were not inside that Command Center, were you general?
- Tao when the player's Command Center is destroyed.
You call that a "Superweapon", General? It breaks like a toy!
- Tao when the player's Particle Cannon, Nuclear Missile, or Scud Storm is destroyed.
It pains me to destroy your reactors, General.
- Tao when the player's reactor is destroyed.
Oh so many soldiers, general... Do they all have their radiation suits on?
- Tao when the player trains too many infantry.
Ya, please! Build more tanks, general. Even they will melt in time...
- Tao when the player builds too many vehicles.
Keep those planes away from my silos!
- Tao when the player builds too many aircraft.
We have found some supplies! Soon we will control all of the resources...
More supplies for us! How are you funding your troops General?
It appears we control all the supplies in the area.
You better bring a lot of sunblock with you, General.
This is only the beginning general, The beginning of the end.
Surrender! Or do you want the bombing to continue?
You are losing this war General. A few more bombs and your base will fall...
Now the battle begin in earnest, prepare yourself general!
It looks like a nuclear winter this year, General.
Melt! Everything must melt!


  • His name is a poor transliteration of "Qing Shi Tou" (青石头, lit. "green rocks". Uranium is usually depicted in fiction as green, rocky formations, referring to his specialization in Nuclear Weapons.
    • It could also be a reference to Tsingtao beer, a popular Chinese alcoholic beverage that is also widely exported around the world.
  • Tao is the only General with only a few but very unique and very specific quotes with regards to the player's activity or status.
  • Strangely, he is seen with an IMI Uzi SMG in his victory portrait, even though it never saw service in China.
  • General Tao is wearing an outfit meant for a Marshall of The Peoples' Republic of China because of the blue military uniform. He is likely of that rank. If that was true, Tao would be of the same rank as Leang, above all other Chinese generals in the game.
  • Despite his already expansive access to Nuclear Technology, Tao was meant to have more. Many of these were cut and later resurrected in mods.
    • Hackers can deploy Nuclear Suitcase Bombs.
    • Red Guards fired radioactive rockets.
    • Tank Hunters have increased range and damage. When destroyed, they irradiate their surroundings.
    • Weapons Grade Uranium Shells and Fusion Reactors would serve as his equivalents to Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tanks, further boosting performance for his Overlords and Battlemasters.
    • A General's Power that launches a Tactical Nuclear Strike.
  • Unlike most other Generals in Zero Hour, Tao has no limitations whatsoever compared to vanilla China, as he has access to all standard support powers and units.
  • He has been spotted in the leaked storyboard videos of the Generals 2 campaign.


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