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Gen1 Tunnel Network Icons.png
Tunnel Network
Generals Tunnel Network.jpg

Gen GLA Logo.png Global Liberation Army
G stlth.png Kassad
G demo.png Rodall Juhziz

Gen China Logo.png Leang
  • Anti-infantry base defence
  • Shelter
  • Transit system
  • Unit maintenance
  • Machine gun turret
  • RPG troopers (×2)
  • Properties
    Hit points 1000
    Armor type Structure Armor
    Cost $800
    Build time 0:15
    Produced by Worker
    Hotkey N
    Ground attack 10 (Small Arms)
    Cooldown 250
    Attack range 175
    Sight range 200
    ZH Camo Netting Icons.jpg
    Camo Netting
    Abilities Detects stealth
    • Gives 2 RPG Troopers upon completion.
    • Eliminates units inside upon destruction if there is no tunnel exists

    Tunnel Networks were constructed by the GLA during their war against China and the USA and during their invasion of various nations in Europe and Asia.


    Tunnel Network entrances could be constructed anywhere that a GLA worker could access, and allowed for the extremely rapid movement of units from one place to another, underground. Units could also refit and repair with the supplies in the tunnels. Network entrances were guarded by a small anti-infantry machine gun turret and a pair of RPG troopers.

    The RPG Troopers' total cost of 600 meant that the Tunnel Network was only a measly 200 credits.

    Angry Mobs were not able to enter Tunnel Networks, due to their numbers.

    In comparison, a Sneak Attack tunnel was available during Zero Hour as a Generals Power, which could be constructed rapidly and remotely anywhere on the map. It functioned identically to a regular Tunnel Network, though without the gun turret or RPG troopers.


    ZH Camo Netting Icons.jpg Camo Netting Upgrades Tunnel Network with camo netting, rendering it invisible to enemy forces until it fires or is fired upon, or detected by detectors. Purchasable at the building for a cost of $500. Prince Kassad's Tunnel Network entrances came with it as standard as his tactics required stealth. Not available to General Juhziz & Dr. Thrax.


    The mounted machine gun turret can easily deal with most infantry threats, even when outnumbered. When built in quantity, Tunnel Networks can be prove to be an annoying threat for many ground units and serve well at protecting the access routes to GLA bases or expansions. As two RPG Troopers are deployed for free when construction of the entrance is complete, the network can be defended (although not reliably) against air threats.


    However, units inside a Tunnel Network could be damaged, or even cleared out completely with the Stealth Fighter's Bunker Buster missiles upgrade available in Zero Hour. Also, if all tunnel networks were destroyed, all units inside would be lost as well.

    Artillery can also safely engage the entrances from afar, and the mounted gun would stand no chance against armored vehicles. Should the RPG Troopers be wiped out, the entrance would be helpless against any kind of aircraft.

    A rebuilt Tunnel Network (constructed by a worker from the hole) also does not resupply lost RPG Troopers.




    Fake tunnel network cameo.

    • Like the Stinger Site, a fake variant of the Tunnel Network was constructable by GLA Workers.
    • As with the Stinger Site, it was simply removed as the fake version cannot attack or transport units, making it extremely obvious that it was fake, and therefore redundant as a fake structure.
    • The portrait of the Tunnel Network is seen without the turret.

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