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The turret was a Nod anti-tank structure used during the First Tiberium War. It was a 105mm AP cannon mounted on a concrete pedestal with a 360 degree fire zone, designed to compensate GDI's armour advantage.


In Tiberian Dawn, the turret is Nod's ground defense structure although it is biased toward the anti-vehicle role. It may operate without power.

In Renegade, two turrets and an Obelisk of Light defend Nod bases in C&C mode. The singleplayer mode also features a gigantic version, called a Shore Defense Cannon, which is guarded by SAM sites.

Nod switched to the more general purpose laser turret by the Second Tiberium War.



  • Effective against vehicles.
  • Cheap (only costs $600).
  • Does not require power.


  • Weak against infantry.
  • Defenseless against air units.



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