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The Twinblade (Red Alert iPhone) was the Soviets' new gunship during the Post-War Crisis. As part of the helicopter regiment, Romanov secretly proved that the Twinblade would join his Mig and Kirov advanced planes before Cherdenko changed the Time Machine to assassinate Albert Einstein.


During the mission, Ten Thirty Three where the Soviets defeat the Allied Forces, the Twinblade got introduced to help both Bronislav and his famed Soviet Commander to defeat their enemies and win the entire mission despite Allied efforts to repel the Soviet drive. Lastly, the Twinblade was deployed in Streams of Time at Moscow when Bronislav and the Soviet Commander fought off the Allies, but the Soviet General got killed in action and the Twinblade helped its air force destroy the remaining Allies and led Premier Alexander Romanov to escape the Kremlin from the battlefield in ruins and depression.


The Twinblade was brought to the new timeline after Anatoly Cherdenko used the second Time Machine to assassinate Albert Einstein. After becoming Premier of the Soviet Union, he created the KA-65 Twinblade this time from a company known as Krasna Aerospace and given its command by the Soviet air force, under Zhana Agonskaya and later, Vera Belova at the start of an Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising in both Soviet and Imperial homelands.

Premier Romanov's Twinblade didn't exist at all, but was reputed as a KA-65 helicopter. It's presumed that Cherdenko upgraded the gunship from points of view and expense of his predecessor before another Third World War had started by unwanted side effects of Time travel.

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