We had set up a small recon post in Nod territory, but they captured and reinforced it. Getting that post back would be a major coup. An MCV and armed convoy are on their way to aid you in establishing a new base. Once established, eliminate all Nod forces in the area.
- Mission briefing

Twist of Fate is a GDI mission in The Covert Operations expansion to Tiberian Dawn.


A GDI recon post was captured by Nod forces. In an effort to recapture the base for GDI an armed convoy was dispatched. Before it could reach its destination however Nod forces ambushed it in the surrounding canyons and assaulted the GDI airbase. Their forces under heavy attack GDI had to fight their way back to base before they could set about taking the fight to Nod.

Tiberian Dawn Missions
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