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Two Sides To Everything is a side challenge for Commander's Challenge.


Although the Imperial Commander Shinzo is seen as a stern traditionalist, his dedication to the Way of the Warrior is greater still. So he is here at his island retreat, learning the virtues of one of the Empire's most advanced vehicles, the Sea-Wing. It would be awfully nice to know exactly how its propulsion systems work, and how its pilots manage to avoid motion sickness. So why don't you go take a look for us?

Strategies and Notes[]

  • Shinzo will attack with Sky Wings while his infantry will just stay in his base.
  • A small number of Yari Submarines(3 or less) will be defending the Docks from naval units.
  • Pick a faction with the most anti-air capability that you currently have.
  • Accompany ground units with Bullfrogs, Multigunners, or Striker VXs or Jet Tengu.
  • Shinzo will never make tanks and instead focus on Sea/Sky Wings.
Red Alert 3 and Uprising missions