Two Sides To Everything is a Commander's Challenge mission and the first to be part of the side challenges. It's Shinzo who fights the FutureTech Commander in this challenge and unlocks the Sea Wing/Sky Wing boat converted into aircraft which is a concern to Kelly Weaver and must be examined in the Netherlands.


Shinzo has three bases all occupied with Sea-Wings and Sky Wings that either go underwater or fly in the air. The FutureTech Commander is sent by Kelly Weaver to Japan where it is the last challenge to take place on the Empire of the Rising Sun's homeland. The Commander quickly gains momentum by shooting down the flying or swimming objects as they come close to both his base and his own forces. He destroys all of Shinzo's bases to rubble and Shinzo is defeated. The Sea-Wing and Sky Wing experiments were taken back to Amsterdam for vital research and the next Shogunate to fight against FutureTech is Kenji with the Striker VX/Chopper VX in the Republic of Philippines. This happens after three Allied losses and one Soviet defeat in both North America and Europe.

Strategies and Notes

  • Shinzo will attack with Sky Wings while his infantry will just stay in his base.
  • A small number of Yari Submarines(3 or less) will be defending the Docks from naval units.
  • Pick a faction with the most anti-air capability that you currently have.
  • Accompany ground units with Bullfrogs, Multigunners, or Striker VXs or Jet Tengu.
  • Shinzo will never make tanks and instead focus on Sea/Sky Wings.
  • If a Sea/Sky Wing is near water and under attack by an anti-air flier, Shinzo will order them to switch to Sea mode.

Briefing Information

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