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Typhoon is a class of Soviet attack submarines in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.


When Stalin led the Union in Second World War, he utilized a fleet of submarines in an attempt to dominate the seas. Although the Soviet Union was forced to disarm after his defeat, Romanov realized that a fleet of new submarines would be vital for a new secret attack force to destroy Allied forces in the United States.

With this in mind, he commissioned a new force of submarines, under the direction of General Vladimir. This new force of submarines was even more potent than the first, capable of remaining permanently submerged, unless heavily damaged or detected by Allied forces.


The Typhoon was replaced by the Akula submarine in the Third World War's third iteration, which, like the original submarine, must surface to fire.

Game unit[]

The Typhoon is the first naval combat unit available to Soviet commanders, and requires only a naval yard to construct them. They are invisible while submerged and will only surface if they are under attack or a naval unit has come too close to them. Only boomers, destroyers, dolphins and giant squids can detect them while they are submerged. Typhoons are, in turn, also capable of detecting and firing on other submerged units. While the submarines themselves are invisible, the torpedoes are not, which allows an observant player to more or less guess the location of the submarines even if the player can't see the submarines.

Typhoon attack submarines can be intentionally surfaced by friendly fire as well. Typhoons also have no defense against aircraft and, unlike the Destroyer, cannot attack ground units.


  • In the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2, the Typhoon is first available to the player in Hostile Shore.

AI behavior[]

Typhoons controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties[]

  • 3x targeting Naval Shipyards


Note: in Red Alert 2, the Typhoon attack submarine shares its quotes with the dreadnought, except while moving, when it just plays the underwater bubbling sound.

When selected[]

  • Typhoon attack sub.
  • Good under pressure.
  • Torpedoes armed!
  • Watertight, comrade!
  • Hush! They may be near.

When moving[]

  • Running silent.
  • They won't detect our approach.
  • Use stealth!
  • Dive!
  • Checking periscope.

When ordered to attack[]

  • Sink them!
  • Target verified!
  • Torpedoes away!
  • Fire torpedoes!
  • He's on our scope.



English French German Korean Chinese
RA2 Typhoon Sub Cameo CNCRA2 Typhoon Attack Sub French Cameo CNCRA2 Typhoon Attack Sub German Cameo CNCRA2 Typhoon Attack Sub Korean Cameo CNCRA2 Typhoon Attack Sub Chinese Cameo

Pre-release cameos, in order: alpha, beta.
CNCRA2 Typhoon Attack Sub Alpha Cameo CNCRA2 Typhoon Attack Sub Beta Cameo


  • Oddly, Typhoon can target enemy walls, even though it is impossible for them to do so as they cannot target land units and buildings.
  • The Typhoon-class submarine was actually a nuclear submarine in service in the real life USSR, however, the real-life Typhoon was a class of ballistic missile submarines, not attack submarines. They were some of the largest submarines ever built, with over 500 feet in length.
  • The in-game Typhoon bears a much closer resemblance to the real world Shchuka-class submarines of the Soviet Navy (Russian: Щука, means Pike), including its characteristic teardrop shaped rear sonar housing. It is interesting to note that this discrepancy echoes a very common mix up between these two submarine classes; as the real-life ballistic missile submarine that was NATO-codenamed Typhoon (Project 941) went by the name of Akula in the Soviet Navy (Russian: Акула, means Shark), whereas the Akula name was instead used in the West as a corresponding codename for the aforementioned Shchuka-class submarines (Project 971) that do resemble the in-game "Typhoon" in appearance and function.

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