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Tyrannosaurus Rex (Greek for "Tyrant Lizard") was a dinosaur that went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period, approximately 66 million years ago.

However, soldiers of both GDI and Nod claimed to have encountered such creatures during the First Tiberium War. According to these reports, the T. Rex was the strongest dinosaur encountered. It was fast enough to keep up with slower tanks and could step on infantry, crushing them.


Accounts of sightings during the First Tiberium War are considered dubious by most traditional scientists, and paleontologists are quick to note that fossil evidence suggests the creatures were solitary, though as of today, this assumption has been turned on its head, and it is now believed that they lived in tight knit family packs. Scientists concur that the creature was one of the largest terrestrial carnivores that ever lived, though many believe that the creature was a scavenger rather than a predator. The Rex's jaws were extremely large and filled with teeth over half a foot in length, and it's head and neck muscles had to have been very strong to support it. The creature's legs were similarly muscular and massive. Interestingly, the Rex's forelimbs were very small, almost comically undersized compared to the massive body.

Game unit

T. Rex's occasionally appeared in scattered and likely fraudulent front line reports by both GDI and Nod forces. According to reports, the Rex proved to be a grave threat against most tanks, even a Mammoth tank would not survive for long. It could crush soldiers under its gigantic feet, making it difficult to swarm one.


If protected by tanks, Rocket infantry could deal significant damage to a Tyrannosaurus Rex, however one must guard the Rocket infantry well, lest the other Dinosaurs rip him apart. A group of tanks could also take one down.

Like all dinosaurs, this creature had no anti-air defense and could be easily killed by an Orca team if one had the ability to use it.

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