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An agile laser cannon that enhances the rate of fire of nearby allies,[1] the Tyrant is an interceptor tank, speeding ahead of the main force to hit heavy ground units with its laser. It also has the ability to burrow. An achievement can be earned if the player damages several units with a single Tyrant beam.


  • Its drill uses the same characteristics as the subterranean strike drill, but is smaller in size.
  • It is better off atacking heavy units.
  • Very vulnerable when collecting Tiberium, as it slows down and can not burrow.



  • Where's my party?!


  • Who's with me?!
  • I know what to do!
  • What's it gonna be?!
  • What can i do you for?!
  • Should we take it underground?!
  • Get everyone together!
  • Gather around!
  • Listen up folks!


  • Get it goin'!
  • Movin'!
  • Easy does it!
  • C'mon!
  • I'm in!
  • Here goes!
  • Something out here?!
  • Let's move out!
  • Sounds good!
  • You with me?!


  • They deserve this!
  • Looking for a fight?!
  • Clean 'em up!
  • Hehe...sure!
  • Eat it, chump!
  • Much obliged!

Move to Attack

  • They deserve this!
  • Don't mind if i do!
  • Jump 'em!
  • He's lookin' at me wrong!
  • Let's see what happens!

In Combat

  • They had it comin'!
  • First one and now!
  • Let's take 'em down!
  • Yeah..hah!
  • Keep whippin' em!
  • They had enough yet?!

Under Attack

  • They're right here!
  • They want it that way?!
  • Easy there fella!
  • Whoa, felt that one!
  • Ain't nobody gonna protect me?!
  • Ain't gonna fall just yet!


  • Saddle up fellas!
  • Time to go!
  • That's enough for us!


  • According to the Worldbuilder, the Tyrant was originally called Onslaught.


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