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Ukraine, officially the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, is a constituent republic of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe.


Second World War[]

The capital city of Kiev was identified to be a command post of the Soviet Union during the Second World War.[1]

CS Gameicon The following is based on the Soviet missions of Counterstrike and might contradict canon.
Purge the Ukraine of the Allied presence and the bastard behind the threat.
- Topolov

Several operations involving experimental technologies took place in Ukraine during the conflict. General Topolov ordered the Soviet field commander S7 to assassinate General Stavros in an underground Chronosphere research facility, investigate an anomalous area caused by a malfunctioning Chronosphere, stop the Allies' research into fuel air bombs, and destroy the Allied MiG prototypes using experimental Tesla tanks.

Third World War (first iteration)[]

RA2 Gameicon The following is based on the cooperative missions of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.

In the final mission of the European Theater campaign, European Allied forces drove the Red Army into retreat after a major surprise attack into Poland. Without authorization or approval from their governments, two European commanders preemptively launched a strike into Ukraine in hopes of taking the main Soviet headquarters inside the Russian border.[2]

Third World War (third iteration)[]

EotRS logo The following is based on the Imperial campaign of Red Alert 3 and might contradict canon.

Ukraine was attacked by the Empire of the Rising Sun in the mission Behold the Mighty Saint of Swords. Components of the Shogun Executioner were transported to a warehouse in Odessa, where they were assembled into the enormous assault walker. The Shogun Executioner then besieged the port city, destroying the massive artillery emplacements, and wiping out Moskvin's and Krukov's forces in the city. With much of the Soviet presence annihilated in the region, Krukov was forced to retreat from Ukraine and the Empire of the Rising Sun then set their sights on the Allies.[3]

Vera Belova was a Soviet freedom fighter hailing from Ukraine who took part in the Uprising.


10% faster speed
- Country description

In the original Red Alert and Remastered, RAR Flag Ukraine Ukraine is one of the 2 playable Soviet subfactions. Its units have 10% faster speed.


While Ukraine is listed alongside "Russia" as subfactions in the original Red Alert, it is listed alongside "USSR" in Remastered due to the latter being renamed.

Additionally, Ukraine uses its non-Soviet flag in Remastered despite being a Soviet subfaction.

Fate outside of the Red Alert universe[]

During the First Tiberium War, Ukraine was contested by GDI and Nod, like other Eastern European countries. Should Solomon choose to secure Belarus in retrieving stolen pellet rods from Nod, his forces would then reinforce a besieged GDI base near Ivano-Frankivsk.[4] Solomon's efforts would help drive Nod out of Ukraine and much of Eastern Europe.

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  1. Also known as Kyiv in reality since 2018.


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