The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (also known as Soviet Ukraine or simply Ukraine) is a Soviet country and was the second largest republic in the Soviet Union. It's two major cities, Kiev and Odessa are Soviet outposts. The Sickle, Bullfrog, Akula and Ukraine Artillery guns were made in this country. The Kazminov Design Bureau and Ministry of Experimental Science (moved from Omsk) is also located here. In Red Alert 1 is also a playable Soviet based faction on multiplayer.


Second World War

During the 1946-1953 war between the Soviets and Europe, Ukraine was a playable faction in the Skirmish and Multiplayer mode of Command & Conquer: Red Alert. As the Red Army had their excellent cost, Ukraine was being the best at speed which jointly driven across the continent to capture Germany's shot power and France's shot rate. The capital city, Kiev was a major outpost to the USSR under Premier Stalin. With the cost of Russia, the Ukraine can drive at speed to destroy Great Britain's armour and capture Buckingham Palace.

Third World War

Ukraine was an ally to the Soviets during GWWII. However, the country supported the World Socialist Alliance under Premier Romanov during the 1960s and early 1970s in the Soviet Union. The invasions of the United States and Europe were so severe that the faction wouldn't take the chance of reaching at higher levels. Yuri tried to take over his bids to have the WSA in his hands, but all thirty-nine of them had loyalised the Soviets.

War of the Three Powers

During the Imperial campaign, both Oleg and Zhana wasted no choice in defeating the Empire of the Rising Sun. An Imperial Commander allied Kenji Tenzai and Crown Prince Tatsu to make something deadly. The Shogun Executioner, Tatsu's favourite weapon and "monster" against the Red Army in Moscow (Crumble Kremlin Crumble) was being born as it smashed the roof of a factory, it was in. The biggest monster destroyed half of the city. Those crushed would have been a hospital and a catherdal. The Ukraine Artillery was no use to take it down in the legs and always missed. General Krukov ran back to tell Cherdenko at the Kremlin as Moskvin tried to stay on and fight, but the Shogun Executioner came into his base and smashed the VIP Bunker which killed him.

Before that, it destroyed half of Moskvin's base before the target was coming. As of Krukov, he told the Premier what had happened, while victory roared throughout the city for the Empire. This was the end of Soviet forces fighting with the Allies in Great Britain, France and Germany during the Allied campaign. The Ukraine Artillery manned at Odessa was named after the country, the playable faction during GWWII for its speedy work.

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