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Existor APA Logo Gold.png The following is based on the cancelled Command & Conquer (2013) game and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
The strongest will learn from mistakes... if I let them survive.
- Junkyard

Ultarak "Junkyard" Nazarbayev is the GLA salvage general during the Second GLA War. His surname implies he is of Kazakh origin.


As an orphaned child in the wastelands of the post-GLA-uprising Kazakhstan, Ultarak Nazarbayev learned to survive using only his wits and the battlefield debris that littered his homeland. A naturally skilled mechanic, by an early age he was jury-rigging wrecked and abandoned Chinese LRVs into makeshift but workable transport vehicles - a feat that quickly drew the attention of local warlords. Pressed into indentured servitude, Ultarak chafed under the demands of his new masters, eventually engineering his escape in a partially functional Chinese Overlord tank. It was during this flight that he ran across a GLA training camp, who took the young man in, put his former captors to the sword and quickly won his absolute loyalty.



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The artwork of Junkyard was made by Raymond Swanland and won the E3 2013 art prize given by

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