Let's get something straight: I don't take orders from you. I'm not fighting this war for you. I fight for the Forgotten.
- Umagon, to McNeil, before embarking on a mission

Umagon is a mutant commando who appears in both the GDI and Nod campaigns of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. She features as an in-game unit in several missions of the GDI campaign.


Umagon is one of the greatest warriors of the Forgotten and a favorite underling of their leader Tratos. She's an excellent hand-to-hand and knife fighter, an elite sniper, and Tratos' best scout. Umagon suffered from prolonged exposure to Tiberium as a child. Rather than killing her, the infection has turned her into one of the world's mutants.

Character Development

The Forgotten are a people of honor!
- Umagon

Little is known about Umagon prior to her encounter with Global Defense Initiative forces in the Second Tiberium War. She infiltrated a mysterious "alien ship" that had crash landed in the southern United States, and was first found by GDI commanders Michael McNeil and Chandra while they explored the vessel's interior. Umagon would strike an arrangement with McNeil, offering the location of the infamous Nod general Vega's base in exchange for GDI rescuing Tratos, the Forgotten's leader, from Brotherhood captivity.

Michael McNeil and Umagon onboard the Kodiak during the Second Tiberium War

Following Tratos' liberation, Umagon began to serve as a liason between the Forgotten and GDI, providing McNeil with valuable intel, giving tactical support in the field, and even pinpointing the location of Nod's prototype fighter manufacturing plant. However, she was eventually captured by the Brotherhood following this last assignment, and taken to Kane's headquarters in Cairo, where Umagon was subjected to Nod's experiments in Divination.

The process would not be completed though, as McNeil rescued Umagon and Tratos administered an experimental Tiberium mutation antidote to her. However, this would prove to be an error, as the antidote caused her to mutate horribly and forced Tratos to confine her. She is assumed to have died of these mutations shortly before the Firestorm Crisis began.

Umagon appears to have originally been intended as a romantic interest for McNeil, as they continued to become closer to each other, not just as soldiers fighting the same battles but as a man and a woman. Interestingly, Anton Slavik himself displayed an unusual consideration for Umagon, as he squarely rebuked Oxanna Kristos, his second-in-command in the Black Hand, for calling the mutant woman a 'sickening specimen', and he repeatedly stopped the visibly disgruntled Oxanna from having Umagon assassinated.[1]

In-game unit

TS Umagon Icons.gif

Umagon is a campaign-exclusive unit and cannot be trained. She is assigned to the player in select missions during the campaign for the Global Defense Initiative. Being a critical unit, her death will instantly cause the mission to fail.

Equipped with a long-range silenced sniper rifle, she is able to kill a basic infantry in full health in two shots. However, her rifle is ineffective against cyborgs and vehicles, and useless against buildings and airborne targets. Like all mutants, Umagon is actually able to heal herself while traversing a Tiberium field.

In certain Nod missions, where the Forgotten are encountered as a hostile faction, generic Mutant Sniper units are encountered. They use the same model and have the same combat abilities as Umagon does.

Selected Quotes

Give me an order!
- When selected
What do you want?
- When selected
You talking to me?
- When selected
- When selected

Early concept artwork of Umagon by Westwood Studios

- When selected
Stay low!
- When moving
Already there!
- When moving
- When moving
Right between the eyes!
- When ordered to attack
I only need one shot!
- When ordered to attack
This is too easy!
- When ordered to attack
Good as done!
- When ordered to attack


Behind the Scenes

Umagon was portrayed by Christine Steel in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and (very briefly) by Veronica Becerra in its Firestorm expansion pack. A reference is also made to Umagon in Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, where a mutant splinter group calling themselves the "Sons of Umagon" have derived their name from her.

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