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Let's get something straight: I don't take orders from you. I'm not fighting this war for you. I fight for the Forgotten.
- Umagon, to McNeil, before embarking on a mission.

Umagon was a Forgotten commando during the Second Tiberium War.


Unlike you blunts, the Forgotten are a people of honor!
- Umagon

She was one of the fiercest warriors of the Forgotten and favourite underling of Tratos, Umagon was an excellent hand-to-hand fighter. She was subject to extreme Tiberium exposure, which turned her into a mutant.

Second Tiberium War

Little is known about her prior to her encounter with GDI forces in the Second Tiberium War. She penetrated a large Scrin aircraft captured by the Brotherhood of Nod and was encountered by GDI commanders Michael McNeil and Chandra, when they were exploring the interior of the strange ship after taking it from the Nod.[1] Eventually, she struck a deal with the Global Defense Initiative, trading General Vega's location for saving Tratos, the Forgotten's leader. It is hinted that she and McNeil shared a love which did not endure, due to her Tiberium injuries.

She would eventually serve as a sort of ambassador of the Forgotten to GDI, aiding commander McNeil with advice, providing tactical information or even pinpointing the location of the prototype fighter manufacturing plant. Unfortunately, she was captured by Nod following the last assignment, and taken to Kane's headquarters in Cairo, where she'd be subject to the Divination process.[2]

The process could not have been completed though, as McNeil rescued Umagon and Tratos administered an experimental Tiberium mutation antidote to her.[2] However, this would prove to be an error, as the antidote caused her to mutate horribly and forced Tratos to confine her to a straitjacket in a padded cell. She is assumed to have died of the mutations shortly before the Firestorm Conflict began.[3]


When selected

  • Give me an order!
  • What do you want?
  • You talkin' to me?
  • What?

When moving

  • Stay low!
  • Okay.
  • Already there!

When ordered to attack

  • Right between the eyes!
  • I only need one shot!
  • This is too easy!
  • Good as done!

Behind the scenes

Umagon was portrayed by Christine Steel (Tiberian Sun) and Veronica Becerra (Firestorm).



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