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The Unified Operations Headquarters is the command center and main HQ for Allied forces in Europe. Gunther Von Esling briefs the Commander straight in this building for fifteen for his missions. It's located in London, where a Nuclear Missile struck the city by Stalin but the Missile Silo was destroyed near Moscow and the Unified Operations Headquarters was entirely saved from destruction.


After the Soviets bashed all Allied forces at the coast of Great Britain and killed Stavros at his base, Stalin ordered his Soviet Commander (Red Alert 1) to race onto London. Intense fighting took place across the city, while Soviet forces had tried to capture Buckingham Palace. They sacked the UO Headquarters by destroying it which had killed Von Esling, but General Carville managed to survive. The monarchy's Palace was captured as Stalin and military advisors tour inspected it. The Soviet leader danced in one room and congratulated the Commander a job well done after Nadia gave his cup of tea to him.