For Unit veterancy (Red Alert).

Unit veterancy is the system by which the player's units' experience is measured. Using a particular unit more often in battle will increase its veterancy level. When a unit accumulates enough experience, it gets promoted to a new veterancy level. Each veterancy level has a special icon that shows what verterancy level a particular unit is at. There are veterancy levels for each faction, and each one grants improved performance capabilities:

Veteran units gain a 10% increase in attack damage and hitpoints. GDI units at this veterancy are indicated by a single chevron; Nod units by two red triangles; and Scrin units by an alien glyph.

Elite units gain another 10% increase in attack damage and hitpoints. GDI units have two chevrons; Nod have four red triangles; and Scrin have two alien glyphs.

Heroic veterancy increases attack damage and hitpoints by 20%, increases battlefield awareness and decreases reaction time. Heroic units fire faster and more accurately than those of lesser veterancy, and can heal themselves when idle. GDI units are shown by a gold star; Nod by a six-pointed circle; and Scrin by a large alien glyph.

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