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United Armour
Products Guardian tank
Headquarters London
Country Great Britain
RA3 Gameicon.png

United Armour is a British company whose products appear in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

Deployment History

After Great Britain (Red Alert) was saved from the so-called "Red Menace", the MBT-X8 Guardian tank came to serve in France (Red Alert). There, they smashed a Hammer tank division with their full might. Casualities raised at Mount Rushmore when two Guradian Tanks were lasered by the Mount Rushmore control center under Howard T. Ackerman. In Leningrad for The Moon Shall Never Have Them, the Guardian Tanks managed to pride themselves in destroying Soviet bases and decimating their superweapons, the Iron Curtain (Red Alert 3) before the Rocket can be destructed.


Guardian tank

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