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For other uses, see United Nations.
United Nations
Flag of the United Nations
The flag of the United Nations.

International organisation


United Nations Secretary-General

Head of State

United Nations Secretary-General

Head of Government

United Nations Secretary-General


United Nations Secretary-General




Allied Units and Structures Summary


New York

Official language

All languages


All currencies

Formed from

World Association of Nations

Date established

October 24, 1945

Date fragmented


Date reorganized


Date restored



Great World War II
Great World War III
Psychic Dominator Disaster
War of the Three Powers
The Uprising



The United Nations was founded as a successor to the World Association of Nations, which was widely considered to have been ineffective in its role as an international governing body, in that it had been unable to prevent Great World War II, Great World War III, the Psychic Dominator Disaster, the Post-war Crisis, War of the Three Powers or The Uprising.

Some argue that the UN's major advantage over the League of Nations was its ability to maintain and deploy its member nations' armed forces as peace keepers. Others see such "peace keeping" as a euphemism for war and domination of weak and poor countries by the wealthy and powerful nations of the world.

The Allied Forces were a part of the World Association of Nations, the predecessor of the UN, formed in the aftermath of the Second World War. During the conflict, the UN had passed a initiative to further worldwide support for the Allied Forces as well the creation of global defense agency. However, the agency has yet to be developed.


In GWWII, the Allies victoriously pushed the Soviets from mainland Europe to Russia's main territory. After the war, the UN was immediately replaced by the World Association of Nations after its support to Allied military affiliations and was never seen again. By the 1960s, the World Association of Nations was changed back to the United Nations itself.

Soviet Union Logo 1950 The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Red Alert and some details might contradict canon.

During the Second World War mission Bridge over the River Vizchgoi, Colonel Nadia Zelenkov said that the United Nations had began to back the Allied cause. Stalin was not happy about it and wants them incinerated immediately before the Allies in Europe can be more stronger. When Zelenkov tells him about the truck convoy that is heading towards Croatia, Stalin tells the Commander to guard them with his life and take them carefully through Allied lines to their destination. If the Commander fails, he will not return to see Stalin and the whole Union of Soviet Socialist Republics will be behind his own back forever.

Great World War III

At the time of 1972, New York became under constant Soviet invasion. The United Nations was heavily defended by American GIs protecting the Statue of Liberty and Fort Bradley. At the World Trade Center, the city became under a Psychic Beacon which controlled the UN building before some diplomats managed to escape Yuri and a famed Soviet Commander to Korea by Nighthawk Transports for an invasion at Vladivostok. During the Psychic Dominator Crisis, New York survived by Time Travel which had not being under an attack by the Soviet Union.

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