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A list of content that was planned to be released with Generals 2.

Gen2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.


This is the complete list of all tracks from Command & Conquer (Generals 2).

Track List


  • Lupa
  • Burke

Skirmish maps

  • Excavation
  • Nildelta
  • Red Zone
  • Monsoon

GLA Arsenal

G2 Logo GLA.png Global Liberation Army Second GLA War Arsenal G2 Logo GLA.png


  • Rebel
  • Terror technical
  • Black Market artillery
  • Mobile chemist
  • Battle bus
  • Crop duster
  • Toxin chopper


  • GLA barracks
  • Salvage bay
  • Missile site
  • Toxin site
  • Sneak attack tunnel
  • GLA bunker
  • Missile turret
  • Tunnel exit
  • Rocket site

Support Powers & Upgrades

Icon Name Description
Gen2 OnTheDouble.png On the Double On The Double is a support power used by all three sides of the Second GLA War. Casts on builders and structures to make them build faster.
Gen2 SupplyDrop.png Supply drop

Drops a crate in the battlefield that heals nearby units, grants veterancy and temporality buffs attack power.

GPSScrambler.png GPS scrambler Unlike the original version where it would camouflage units within a small area, this second version reveals the fog of war and blinds enemy units.
NuclearLiberation.png Nuclear liberation Calls in Toxin Choppers which bombard the area with nuclear payload, irradiating the designated area.
Toxin Bomb.jpeg Toxin bomb
Faulty Construction.jpeg Faulty construction Causes mechanical failures to enemy vehicles, reducing their speed and combat effectiveness.
WhitePhosphorus Lvl03.png White phosphorus Blinds enemy units. Effected units also takes damage over time.
MassRPGStrike.png Mass RPG strike
Sandstormpower.png Sandstorm A sandstorm blows in, protecting friendly units and harming enemies.
Gen2 GLA UnearthTunnel.png Unearth tunnel
Gen2 GLA Sabotage.png Sabotage Allows the GLA to booby trap an enemy or neutral building, it causes heavy damage to both enemy and neutral buildings.
Gen2 GLA Stealth Field.png Stealth field Gives the AT-5 stealth tank a better stealth generator, increasing its chance to dodge as well as creating a small stealth bubble around it, allowing other units to hide.
Gen2 GLA Ambush.jpeg Ambush Muerta has the ability to call forth elite rebel soldiers to fight for her cause from hidden tunnels using her Ambush Player power.
Gen2 GLA FlakTrap.png Flak trap
Name Details
Stimulants The Stimulants upgrade, researched at the GLA barracks, increases the movement and attack speed of Angry mobs at the expense of reduced health.
Molotov cocktail
Main article: Molotov cocktail
Shortened fuses ???
Volatile propellant ???
Scrap repair Vehicles heal when in non-combat state.
Plant IED ???
Shadow cloak ???
Sky Net It is a Micro Explosive Swarm. Slow plus damage over time.

EU Arsenal

G2 Logo EU.png European Union Second GLA War Arsenal G2 Logo EU.png


  • Fox LRV
  • Experimental railgun tank
  • EU fighter
  • Air transport helicopter


  • EU airfield
  • Spec ops facility
  • MMG turret
  • EU bunker
  • Cannon turret
  • Rocket turret
  • Railgun turret
  • Advanced tech lab

Support Powers

Icon Name Description
Gen2 EU EMP Payload.png EMP payload
Gen2 EU DeployStrikeTeam.png Deploy strike team
Gen2 APA Deploy Exp Railgun.png Deploy experimental railgun deploys an Experimental Railgun Tank by air onto the battlefield.
Gen2 EU CyberCommand.png Cyber command increase the effectiveness and capability of friendlies within a specific area while reducing the effectiveness of enemy forces.
Gen2 EU Supressing Fire.png Suppressing fire It enables Salvo to call in an artillery strike that blankets a long path. When used, it can be directed in a path of Salvo’s choosing.
AirRaid.png Air raid exclusive support power belonging to Daedalus , the EU airforce general. It is a direct airstrike that can be upgraded to increase its damage.
Bulwark.jpeg Bulwark inspires friendly units, reducing the damage they receive for a short duration.
Reaper UAV.jpeg Reaper UAV exclusive support power for the EU general Ghost, it calls in a Reaper drone which launches missiles attacks at nearby enemy units.
FuelAirBomb.png Fuel Air Bomb
UAVSpyDrone.png UAV spy drone provides vision within an area in the fog of war for a short period of time.
Gen2 EU Skylance.png Skylance
Gen2 EU PlasmaBomb.png Plasma bomb
Gen2 EU NeverGiveIn.png Never Give In heal all units within a small radius over time.
Gen2 EU Instant Defense.png Instant defense

APA Arsenal

G2 Logo APA.png Asia-Pacific Alliance Second GLA War Arsenal G2 Logo APA.png


  • Rocket soldier
  • Napalm mortar squad
  • Saboteur squad
  • Lynx
  • APA fighter
  • Carpet bomber


  • APA airfield
  • APA bunker
  • Flame turret
  • Gatling cannon
  • Nuclear missile silo
  • Rocket defense

Support Powers

Icon Name Description
Beast (3).jpg Teargas creates a cloud of tear-gas that grants friendly units concealment while reducing the combat effectiveness.
Thunderclap.jpeg Thunderclap creating a shockwave that disables unit movement in the affected area
SpySorties.png Spy sortie
Gen2 APA OffshoreBombardment.png Offshore bombardment allows generals to call for an area to be sieged from offsite artillery pieces.
Gen2 APA NeutronBomb.png Neutron bomb contaminates a large area with radiation that causes any troops located in the area to receive damage over time for as long as they remain in the area.
Gen2 APA InfernoArtillery.png Inferno artillery
Gen2 APA CarpetBombing.png Carpet bombing
Gen2 APA Misdirection.png Misdirection creates holographic copies of the affected troops that, to the enemy, look like real units.
Gen2 APA Power To The People.png Power to the People