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A list of content that was planned to be released with Tiberium.

Tib Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game TIBERIUM and has not been confirmed by canon sources.


Nod corporate executives

According to released concept arts, the game was supposed to focus on Nod as a supercorporation, featuring its corporate execs (apparently greedy and corrupt) as well as the workers employed by it (Nod miners).

Nod miner

According to released concept art, the game was to feature a Nod supercorporation run by corporate executives consisting of apparently greedy as well as corrupt individuals who employed Nod miners in various operations. They were to be poor workers who laboured for the rich corporate members of the corporation.


  • Archon
  • Shrike
  • Intruder
  • Drudge


  • Madrid
  • Reckoner
  • Worker Ant truck


  • Jackhammer artillery
  • Stealth site
  • Orbital slug facility
  • SAM site
  • Sky factory
  • Ion cannon facility
  • 20mm Vulcan tower
  • Landing zone
  • Scrin guard tower
  • Alien spike
  • Tiberium fissure
  • Drop zone tower
  • Civilian evac zone


  • Nod sniper rifle
  • Over-the-shoulder MRLS


  • City near Threshold 19


  • Tiberium Bible


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