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Uranium Shells is a China upgrade in Generals and Zero Hour.

Game Effect[]

Uranium Shells provide a 25% damage bonus to main guns on Overlords and Battlemasters.

Tsing Shi Tao[]

  • All Overlords and Battlemasters produced from Tsing Shi Tao's War Factories are affected by default.


The weapons grade uranium shells will destroy the enemy!
- Unused sound for the Weapons Grade Uranium Shells upgrade
  • Tao was supposed to be able to upgrade his tanks even further with the removed weapons grade uranium shells upgrade.
  • Depleted uranium ammunition is commonly used in tank guns and artillery cannons. Despite having much of its radioactivity used, DU munitions remain harmful and can still leave long-term effects upon the human body. Meanwhile, barring Tao's tanks, Uranium Shells do not produce any radiation in-game.

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