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The Bears in this land are quite powerful...!
- Oleg Vodnik in the Challenge

Ursa Major is a much bigger and stronger mutated version of the Soviet War Bear, appearing in one of the Commander's Challenge missions in Red Alert 3: Uprising.


In the Commander's Challenge mission Number One Threat To America, Oleg Vodnik sought to breed superior war bears in the United States as part of the URSA MAJOR project. These bears were much tougher than regular ones, and could destroy even vehicles easily. However, he was stopped by the FutureTech Commander and forced to retreat, ending the project.

Game Unit[]

Ursa Major is almost 20x bigger than the original bear, thus he is really a nightmare for all ground units.

  • Bear's large body excels against infantry, buildings, light vehicles, ships, and even tough vehicles like Apocalypse tanks.
  • Ursa Major cannot be crushed by heavy units, simply because he is just bigger than them.
  • Because bears can swim, he is a nightmare for all ships as well.
  • Fortunately, the Ursa Major is not able to attack air units, thus it is an easy target for various aircraft.
  • Even though the Bear is fast the armor is the same of soviet war bear, so it's an easy target for commando units.
  • When playing as Empire of Rising Sun, at least 3 Shinobis are enough to bring one down without deaths

If some unit is so lucky that it kills the Ursa Major on his own, it gains instantly heroic veterancy.


Thankfully, all bears were killed by the Futuretech Commander as Oleg left the area stating:

The bears here smell far too pretty to serve in glorious Soviet Army anyway.


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