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Use the Commando is the third and final GDI mission in the Command & Conquer demo. It is a modified version of the Havoc mission in the full game.


There is a Nod base in the vicinity that must be neutralized. Use the commando to destroy the airfield.


The mission begins with a single commando to control. Use the commando to snipe the enemy infantry, especially the minigunner and the rocket soldiers hidden behind the trees on the starting island. Destroy the two SAM sites on the island, one to the northeast and other to the northwest. Once both defenses are taken out, a Chinook will arrive at the yellow flare across the river to the west.

Use the Chinook to transport the commando over the river at the flare, then move the commando north. Keep your eyes peeled for any patrolling infantry as you move the commando north then west, then north, and then finally east. You will eventually reach eastern entrance of the base. If all of the Nod infantry in the base chase after you, retreat the commando and pick them off one by one. Make a rush towards the northeast of the base to take out the airstrip and complete the mission.

Differences with the retail version

  • There are no Nod vehicles on the map and no infantry guarding the airstrip, making the demo version much easier to complete.
  • The briefing specifically states which building to destroy, whereas this information is not revealed in the retail release.


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