aka A FANDOM User

Name: **Classified (above top secret)**

codename: "Computer Virus"

hobbies: loves to hack into anything INCLUDING the computer

purpose: elite hacker for the USA; sabotage GLA computers and steal their secret plans

rank: colonel

where he is stationed: somewhere on the east coast of the United States

What the hacker has to say.

This is a statement the "Computer Virus" released: "I'm elite; I have been at the computer for 30 years and nobody can stop me". --released December 13, 2038

favorite quotes

These are five quotes the "Hacker" likes to use:

My brain is frying!!!
- What the "Hacker" says after a hard day when someone asks him to do something.
Your computer is mine now a******.
- The "Hacker" says this when he is angry.
One day, some person like me is gonna make a virus and taker over the internet by using it. Wait! That person is gonna be me. Ha ha ha ha ha...
- The "Hacker" making fun of Steve Jobs.
The computer is smarter than Albert Einstein.
- The "Hacker" being a smart alack.
All the computers in the world obey me. Soon everyone in the world will obey me.
- The "Hacker" talking about world domination.

My Favorite Pages

Down below is a list of my top three most favorite pages (these may change):

1. hacker (Generals)

2. avenger (Generals)

3. First Tiberium War

favorite arsenals

Generals USA icon United States of America First GLA War Arsenal Generals USA icon
China People's Republic of China First GLA War Arsenal China
Gla Global Liberation Army GLA War Arsenal Gla
Yuri's Faction Logo Yuri Third World War ArsenalYuri's Faction Logo
RA2Alliedlogo Allied Third World War Arsenal RA2Alliedlogo
RA2Sovietlogo Soviet Third World War Arsenal RA2Sovietlogo