Well not much here yet. I'd just to give a little statement why I contribute to this wiki. First of all, I love the original wikipedia and the idea of an encyclopedia everybody can extend. However wikipedia is very huge and even though it may give you a lot of information about specific topics such as C&C it still is 'outside' the universe. There are statements everywhere like "Tiberium is a fictional element from the videogame Command & Conquer ... blabla". So what I believe this C&C specific wiki to be about is, that it's *inside* the universe. It's about the what-if scenario. What if Tiberium really existed? What if there were really Cyborgs and all that cool technology? It's similar to Star Wars, there is a whole parallel universe that's completely made up by people. Only a product of their imagination. And I believe C&C can do the same! There is so much detail. Starting with plants, I mean everything is designed and made up all that stuff that doesn't exist in the real world. So this is a great way to organize and store all of the information out there about the C&C universe.

Oh one more thing: What brought me here? I read this post by Delphi ([1]) on CnCDen which was giving more details about Cabal's origin. So I thought "Well, good thing I know but not many people in the community will have read this and might continue speculating. Why not put this into a wiki?". And this is how I finally found this one which was opened back in 2005 and seemed to be abandonned. Well I do really hope that more people will come and contribute to this... especially now that the new C&C is coming ;)

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