This ain't your typical player.
- Bot Rot


About Bot Rot

Bot Rot is a gamer who plays with passion and determination, from RTS games(Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun to name a few) to FPS ones(e.g. Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2). If one has any questions regarding him, some of it may be answered in his F.A.Q. found in his Steam Profile(in this case, his "website"). Otherwise, one may ask him in his talk page.

Gla.gif This user fights for the Global Liberation Army's cause.
"We will not be oppressed!"

CNCTW Scrin Logo.png This extraterrestrial user serves the Scrin.
"Under the orders of the Overlord."

Yuri logo.jpg This mind-controlled user serves master Yuri.
"Bow to Yuri!"

YR Magnetron Icons.png This user has a liking for Magnetrons.
"Maximum charge!"

YR Mastermind Icons.pngCNCTW Mastermind Cameo.png This user thinks both Masterminds are awesome.
"Collective thinking!"
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