CKeen, AKA CorpseGr1nder
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Soviet Union (RA Universe), Brotherhood of Nod (Tiberium Universe), People's Republic of China, Global Liberation Army (Generals universe)

I'm just some random editor who wants to improve this wiki as much as possible. Leave me a message if you need help with anything etc.

Things to do

  • Restoring all information that was cut for no reason from some pages.
  • Adding the Pros-Cons window to ALL the units.
  • Adding as much mods as possible to the wiki.
  • Creating pages about all the missions of all C&C games. I'm redoing some campaigns like the red alert 1 one. source for C&C mission maps up to Red Alert 2
  • Creating pages about Dune, Westwood Studios/EA and other things that are not exactly C&C but are related to it.
  • Creating a general gameplay playthrough page to help beginners to get familiar with C&C tactics of all the 3 universes and all the games.
  • Creating pages about popular CNC sites. Can be useful.

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