PROFILE NO. 880222/2007/CA

Foreman 288

Name: Cultist Andre
Codename: Foreman 288
Date of birth: 22/02/1988
Nationality: Canadian

Scrin assimilation: c.a. 2049
Current rank: Cultist
Assimiltaion evaluation: Complete
Specialization: Mind control, Intelligence

Assignment: Intelligence operations, Blue Zone B-6

Sub-Faction: Traveler-59
Favorite units: Prodigy, Cultist, Ravager, Storm Riders, Devastators, Mothership, Eradicator.
Tactic: Economic harrassement, mind control and global destruction.

Subject History: Prior to his assimilation, the subject move from the Ichior rich "Red Zone" called "South of France" to the "Blue Zone" called "Montreal". During our initial attack,he was capture and merged with a prodigy spawn. After is assimilation, the Foreman was able to conquer the previously named "Blue Zone" before retreating through the threeshold. We believe he deserves a second chance and should be send to lead the inexperimented Traveler-59 to his host motherland.

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