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The construction site was shut down for the night, but we heard rumbling. We thought maybe Jenkins was doing some late night maintenance, but then everything just... everything.... We were surrounded by fire, swirling around us, incinerating the equipment, burning people alive, engulfing the entire camp, and in the center of it was this black monster, this devil belching inferno everywhere... I was sure I was in hell.
- Henry Liu, TCN Construction Worker, Sole Survivor

The AT-6 Flame Tank[1] was a fourth generation of Flame tanks used by the Brotherhood of Nod that came into service by the Fourth Tiberium War. They continued the long tradition of Nod's in the use of flame based weapons to demoralize and incinerate their enemies.


This series of vehicles shared many of the elements of the older designs in the sense that they were blocky vehicles which contained two large storage tanks which held its flammeable materials. The primary weapon of the AT-6 was its Devil's Breath Twin Flamethrowers which possessed an enhanced cocktail of chemicals that made them once more effective against packs of enemies; especially infantry. In addition, they also gained the capacity to incinerate structures making them a useful tool against defensive enemy commanders. The projected flames not only damaged enemies but put them as well as the environment on fire until the flames eventually died down though this meant that after the initial attack; opponents continued to take damage until that time passed..[2]

A notable change within the design was the addition of further armor designed to allow the tank to survive against enemy weapon fire though this was something that went against many of the drivers of these vehicles. Their argument was that they needed the speed of the tanks to take them quickly to the battlefield but despite their protests; the engineers stuck with the armored concept. However, they did introduce a new feature which rigged the engines of the AT-6 flame tank to its storage system allowing it to use its own flammeable chemicals as a fuel source. When activated, the tank sped off leaving a trail of flames in its wake that can further damage any pursuing foes. In order to ensure that no accidental explosion occured during such situations, the tanks were programmed to return to normal fuel consumption after a certain point.

Though there was a common misconception amongst civilians that the AT-6 flame tanks were walking timebombs due to their exposed storage tanks, this was in actuality a myth and was one that Nod commanders often found as a source of endless amusement. The chemicals needed to produce the flames were designed to be harmless unless projected through the weapon. Furthermore, the storage tanks themselves were well protected from damage or incidental explosions. However, any AT-6 flame tank was was destroyed in battle created a fiery explosion that often consumed anything near it.


The basis for the new AT-6 series of flame tanks came as a result of the Tiberium Control Network Conflict against Nod Separatists. Whilst the previous series of such flame tanks had been quite successful against infantry, this position changed by the year 2064 when the Global Defense Initiative produced a type of Zone Armor which it equipped all of its infantry that protected them against the fiery attacks. At the time, Kane's advisors even advocated retiring the use of such vehicles. However, the Separatists managed to retrofit their existing flame tanks and introduced improvements to the storage tanks which increased their destructive power. With these modified vehicles, the Separatists left a path of destruction in the Yellow Zones which ended when GDI managed to begin fielding their Hunter tanks.

The spectacle proved to be an embarrassment to Nod commanders who suggested that the flame tank be retired. Under Kane's orders, they began working on the creation of a new vehicle that was based on the Separatists model. This in time led to the creation of the new AT-6 Flame tank which now served within the armies of the Brotherhood.

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