Codeneme: Deaths

Date of birth CLASSIFIED

Faction: Brotherhood of Nod

Member since 4 August 2003

Rank High Confessor

Role: Mechanised Infantry commander, Machine gunner, Spreading the glorius word(s) of Kane

Clearance Standard

Tiberium status 1.2

Faith evaluation C+

Goal Oppose, doom and terminate your infidel capitalist oppressors who have taken the life and soul of many species for over fifty horrible years of tirranny, and let the mighty immortal cristal from the gods, the technology of peace, the gift to mankind, dominate the world again in our tiberium future, because somewhere in the far galaxy, behind the stars, the place is where that beatyfull peacefull future lies! In the name of Kane, our briliant and genious hero, who can make the dream of acention... a reality! Reyoyce brothers and sisters of Nod! Rising from our silos, our bunkers, our factorys, this is a revolution in mens history, Our forces will spead like a great plaege across the earth and a new day will dawn! ONE VISION, ONE PURPOSE, PEACE TRUH POWER!!! (translation:'My goal is to kill all gdi guys and spread the word of Kane.)

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