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PROFILE NO. 1A2B3C001Destruct

Eldarone's Eye CANDY! :)

Mah Pokemans. Let me show you them!

Status: No Longer Active at this Database. Transfered to Tower B. Name: CLASSIFIED
Codename: Eldarone
Date of birth: CLASSIFIED
Nationality: North American

Alliegence: GDI? Nod? Allied Forces? Yuri? United States? China?
Current rank: Technician
Clearance: N/A. I'm a technician, do you think they give me cleariance for anything? I panic at the first sign of trouble.
Specialization: Adding and updating files.
Assignment: Some old, wet archive, location unknown.
History: A rather overworked and underpaid Technician, Eldarone works diligently to upgrade the Command & Conquer Wiki after the nuclear strike on the Philadelphia really messed up all the datafiles. Often siting alone, sad, and cold in a basement, using an outdated system to recover the files. Wither due to insanity or being caught in some Chronosphere accident, Eldarone appears to experience alternative realities. The poor technician thinks that it's 1970's and the Third World War is on, and or in the past with the US and China fighting some group called the Global Liberation Army (which sounds like a Nod plot). Also, Eldarone doesn't remember which side the tech supports, for any reality. As such, the poor technician must also update those databases. Sigh, no rest for the weary... Update: Eldarone has become a non-active (reserve) editor at the Eva Database. With the decision by GDI to divide into two different Commands. Eldarone has transfered to Tower B, and can be contacted there.