Hi. My name is Giovanni Meuleman, and i'm 20 years old. I am currently in the first year of University, and started changing up some information around the command and conquer games, because some of the information isn't expansive; it only gives some info over the lore, not the technical difficulty with the A.I or tactics associated with the challenges.

I started with the Uprising Challenges at the 30th of August, i'm planning to expand the info on those pages, and giving some help to get the par times on them!

Edits done:

Crate and Red Barrel

Number One Threat To America

No Place To Hide

Dead Meat

Blood Feud

Where Satellites Go To Die

Symphony of Steel

Athena's Wrath


Ready to Roll Out

High-Water Mark

Be Quick or Be Dead

Offshore Killing

The Final Countdown

Red alert 3:

Small edits I made to some of the articles on the wiki:
Header 2

Electro Magnetic Disrupters

Forever Sets the Sun

Next wiki edit: To be planned

My favorite pages

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