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Kevin is a retired Allied General. Kevin joined the Allied Nations as a Private in the Rifle Infantry during Second World War and was eventually made a Sergeant. He commanded a small platoon somewhere in Germany (see In The Thick Of It) and survived the battle. His platoon was nearly wiped out, but Kevin ordered his men to hold on until supplies could arrive and for that was given a field promotion to Second Lieutenant. Unfortunately, later, the Soviets mounted an offensive in the area, and with the death of his company commander, he was promoted to Captain and took control of the company.

Kevin was given a break and later posted to Greece. However, the Soviet Union soon attacked Greece, and Kevin was forced to flee. He escaped back to Allied headquarters in Germany. With the Allies on the offensive, Kevin was sent to Denmark to investigate the Iron Curtain project. His commander, Commander A9, praised him for his work and promoted him to Major. His unit was involved in the occupation of Poland, and was held in reserve for the invasion of Moscow. Kevin took part in this mission, performing with bravery.

He looked forward to retirement but was called into action again as the Soviets invaded the United States of America and Kevin was called back into duty, this time he was a Colonel. He helped command European forces that threatened Soviet forces along the German-Polish border. His son was killed in the Battle of Paris and he avenged his son's death in the Battle of the Black Forest. Kevin was not called into action again until the liberation of Moscow.

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