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== Legandary Insurgent== Name: HIGHLY CLASSIFIED (top Nod Officers only)

Codename: Legandary Insurgent
Date of Birth:CLASSIFIED

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Nationality: Brotherhood of Nod

Joined the Brotherhood: 2007
Rank: Hand of Kane
Faith Tested: Yes (passed)
Detail: In charge TRL 15`s perimiter defense during the Incursion War. Saved hundreds of solidiers by using speed and stealth during an attack from one of Gideons assaults.
Specialization: Communications and Surveillance.
Position:Currently in charge of all Nod Intelligence and Sabotage departments.
Currently Location: Unknown, possibly Nod Central Command

WARNING: Person is considered last known link to Terrorist Gideon. If any information is acquired, please contact GDI R&D Department in your district.

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