Name:Cory (Last name and middle inital classified )


DOB: 06/26/1988

Nationality: American

Allegiance: USA/GDI

Rank: Leutenant Colonel Noteable Medals and Ribions:US Congressional Medal of Honor,US Distingushed Service Medal,3 TWI ribions, 3 TW2 ribions, 13 Purple Hearts( got shot 13 times in my entire military carrier on 13 seperate occasions)TW3 ribbions 1

Mission: reconstruction of Y-6

Area of Expertese: Light Infantry Tactics and Armored Tactics

Backround history: I served with the United States Military up until the first tiberian war at which time me and my unit was "signed over" to the then new Global Defense Initiative. i served 3 tours in TW1 as a M1 Abrams tank commander and another 3 in TW2 as a infantry commander as by that time GDI reitered there tank forces, when TW 3 started i was at Fort Knox training the next generation of GDI tank commanders. Now i am in charge of the Great Lakes Reconstruction Project, i picked the project casue i am from the great (well not so great anymore) state of wisconsin. I am probably the only soldier in GDI that still uses a M16 on occasion, albeit a hevily modifed one with a grenade launcher attachment.

one of my current side projects is to Restore a original GWWII Abrams Tank and a TW1 Abrams Tank.

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