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  • I live in Over-underground bunker located near *censored*
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is to be professional Nutcase!
  • I am Male
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Moskvin has pledged
his allegiance to
the Soviet Union
Romanov icon
Moskvin is a fan of
Alexander Romanov
Oleg icon
Moskvin knows
Oleg Vodnik personally
and he is his buddy
RA3 Reaper2sm
Moskvin use Reaper as a personal carrier instead of tank car
Moskvin designed new flag for Czechia
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For One Great Soviet Republic!

AC ϟ DC!
- Tesla tank

Name: Moskvin

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: *Classified*

Relatives: Nikolai Moskvin
(relationship classified)

Nationality: Czech/Soviet

Religion: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster


I bravely fought in defense of Leningrad, helped to capture Swiss banks in Geneva, the only one survivor of unfortunate paradrop on Mt. Fuji and co-assasinator of the Japan Emperor and finally one of the most heroic Soviet soldiers who helped to destroy the Statue of Liberty and erect a new one with Lenin.

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